Shooting on the Move


Shooting on the move.  Itís not hard.  Itís harder!  Well of course anybody can do this at this close range right here. Iím going to show you some techniques that allow you to shoot in many different directions with your handgun and also your rifle. So letís get started learning how to get your foot work properly done on the range. Understanding foot work will be very important here.




What we want to try to accomplish when weíre going down the range is make sure that both our feet are right.  One foot in front of the other.  Think about walking down a balance beam. Weíre trying to eliminate out left and right foot position, because we donít want the gun bouncing right and left.  We just want it to move up and down.  And we do that by allowing our feet to go one foot in front of the other. And then we pick up the pace, depending on your skill level. 




Now Iím going to show you how to shoot moving backwards.  Youíll find that you are a lot more accurate moving backwards because youíre on your toes and heels longer.  When moving and shooting backwards youíll find your sights will be much more level and calmer as you go through the stage. Now youíve learned 2 different directions to go in.




Now letís do a 45 angle off right and left.  When youíre going in that direction make sure your feet are going to the box and your gun is pointed at the target.  Just like a tank tracking down.  The turret moves aim at the target while the tank tracks go in the direction you want to move.  Letís give it a try.

Now, if youíre noticing, my feet are going in the direction of the box.  Look at my upper body.  Itís pointing at the target.  Iíve just demonstrated moving to the left on an angle.  To go to the right you do the opposite thing. Just make sure you keep your hips pointing in that direction. 



Now letís talk about moving parallel to the targets. Itís one of the most difficult and hardest things to do.  When moving parallel youíll find that you need to make sure that your hips are pointing in the direction youíre going in, or in the opposite direction.  As soon as you feel like youíre getting tied up in a knot, you can actually turn and shoot on the move backwards parallel.


Now this is the most difficult of all the positions that we have shown you here today, moving from right to left as a right handed shooter.  You have to lower your center of gravity in order to hit the targets consistently with some speed.  When out on the range practicing on the move, right handed shooters should practice shooting from right to left,  left handed shooters should practice left to right. Shooting on the move can defiantly increase you shooting skills.



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