Setting Up on Targets

Todd 2-3-1

Todayís pro tip is understanding how to get in and out of positions correctly and how to move in to get around problems, but the most important thing is setting up and being able to hit the target correctly.  Most shooters on the range never get set properly to hit the target. 

Todd 2-3-2

So letís get started on moving into the shooting boxes.  We have a simple little technique weíre going to show you to get to the box properly. I always like to use my right foot, when Iím coming into position, whether itís from cover, to a barricade, or into a box.  If Iím moving to the next position Iím going to use the exact same technique.  Each and every time Iím going to use the right foot.

Todd 2-3-3

Things Iíve always told my students over the years, when shooting in and out of positions, youíre always going somewhere. So when I land into the box I want to have my knees slightly bent like shock absorbers. So when Iím lined up and Iím setup to that target I want those hips and shoulders pointed at that target.  As I come into the box my right foot I want that toe pointing at that target as I line up and shoot it.

Todd 2-3-4

Now the key thing here is weíre also setting ourselves up also for the draw.  That will be very important when moving to a position to draw the gun.  I just showed you an important part of how to setup. Next thing we want to be able to look for is understanding that as the right foot comes in it has 80% of the weight.

Todd 2-3-7

Remember Iím always teaching my students weíre always moving somewhere. So the left foot is going to be setup lightly on the ground, with only about 20% of the weight. So if Iím moving to the left, or Iím moving forward, this is my support side leg Iím leaning out on. Now in the tactical world there are never known scenarios like in the competition world where we always know what we are doing and where weíre moving.

Todd 2-3-8

So for you who are tactical firearms instructors, you need to get your students to be able to go into firing positions with their right foot and also their left foot, but the important thing we need to understand is weíre always going somewhere. So our balance and foot work will always be important. The important thing is to be able to run a scenario at your range so youíll be able to land in position, sometimes with your support side, sometimes with your strong side.

Todd 2-3-9

You just saw some techniques on how to use your foot work properly.  We donít realize how important balance and foot work is, especially in the tactical world.  Things are changing for our friends in law enforcement. We need to push our officers harder and better than weíve ever done before.  So good luck and I hope to see you on the range.



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