Moving Targets


 Hey guys, you just saw a typical USPSA stage that you might shoot in competition. Well todayís segment is going to be learning to shoot drop turners, movers, swingers, and pop-ups. Lets get started with the drop turners.

When the popper was hit I had 1.9 seconds to be able to shoot this target. At my skill level, it gives me plenty enough time to be able to shoot the activator popper and two more poppers before shooting the turning target. At your skill level, you may not be able to do that. But the key thing is you need to practice these things because thatís how you pick up time in competition.  The key thing, when shooting a drop turner, is to make sure that youíre waiting for the A zone of that target.


The mover. Understanding how to shoot a mover is important.  When going from left or right thereís always going to be lead, depending on the distance you are from the target. I was about 15 yards away, 16 yards away from this mover.  I held right on the A-C line so I roughly had about 2 inches of lead, and I was using a .40 caliber bullet.


If you were shooting a rifle at that distance, how much lead would you need?  Very little, because the bullets are going twice as fast. Think about it, these are key things youíre going to need to understand in practice, if you get an MGM mover, to be able to hit the target consistently. The further you move back, the more lead you need.


Understanding how to shoot swingers on the range. The key thing is never chase them, always let the target come to you. So itís always at a stop point.  So Itís bang, bang. You will always allow yourself to have better hits if you wait for it to come to you. 


Shooting swingers or movers through some type of port.  The key thing you want is to make sure you hold the gun in the center of the target.  If you know where the center of the target is, as it comes out from the edge, you will break the shot. Bang, bang. The key thing is, never chase it. Let the target come to you.


Pop-Up Targets: You noticed a while ago, when I shot this pop-up target, which is 9 rounds, the nice thing about this is it can push you to a skill level that youíve never been to before.  You notice I shot the pepper popper then both targets before it moved. If you donít have that skill you may want to shoot only one target, then the popper, and then the other target before the other two pop up. 


I just gave you some valuable information on how to shoot different targets on the range. Turners, droppers, floppers, swingers; theyíre all valuable in competition. And our friends in law enforcement, you know what? We need to take a look at these things and guess what? We can increase our speed and our accuracy when weíre at the range.



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