Kneeling, it’s a lot more important than you think, whether it be with a rifle or a handgun. Our competition buddies out there when we go out to the range we have a plan when we go down kneeling. But in law enforcement there’s going to be several different ways we can do that. So let me show you some of the ways we can work on our kneeling. 



Now if you’ve been watching some of my series you’ll know how detailed I am about balance and understanding how to control recoil at a high rate of speed. We know, when shooting in a kneeling position, we want to have the same stance as if we are standing. So don’t get back on your heel when you’re shooting because your gun will give you more recoil. 


Stepping Out
There are several different types of techniques of how to go down kneeling. I just showed you one by stepping out with the support side leg. Now if you’re going to go down in the kneeling position always make sure you go down with your holster side knee, because if you don’t it can be very difficult to draw your pistol. 


Stepping Back 
Now if we’re stepping back to the kneeling position, first thing you want to do is draw the gun. So as you draw the gun and step back to the rear, get a good stable base, keep the gun close to your body before you drive the gun forward. If you drive the gun forward as the knee hits the ground you will more than likely shoot under the target. 


With a Rifle
The two techniques with the handgun also works perfectly for the rifle. One little tip I want to show you. When going down with the rifle make sure you go below the bottom of the target and bring the shot up into it. You’ll have better success and you won’t miss the target because you won’t jerk it low with gravity and the momentum of dropping down to the knee.


With Props and Barricades
I just showed you a couple different techniques on how to move around a prop and shoot through a port. You’ll notice I start up on the barricade here. I’m showing you how to step back with a rifle. This technique will be used in our law enforcement community. Be sure, as your stepping back, that you don’t put your gun through the port.

Understanding kneeling is very important. I’ll see you on the range.



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