Retention Holsters

Todd 2-6-1

That was a 1.70, 6 shots from the draw. Today we’re going to show all the retention devices that you may have to carry whether it be conceal carry, or on duty. We’ll show you some holsters that have different locks on them. They’re going to make you shoot faster with more control. Faster than you thought you could. 

Todd 2-6-2


This is the competition holster I just did the run with. Blackhawk’s non-Serpa. It has only one passive device on it, but you can see the gun comes out nice and clean for speed. Alright, that was a 0.66 from the draw with a non-Serpa holster. You’ll notice that was from the buzzer until the shot fired. 

Todd 2-6-3

Now what were going to do is step up to a level two holster using the Serpa holster and a different gun. That was a 1.84 for 6 shots out of a level two Serpa holster with my trusty .45 here. I’ll tell you right now. That’s not bad versus my competition holster. I’m only a tenth of a second slower from the competition holster, versus my locking holster. There’s the locking mechanism which is called the Serpa. It allows you to push in to release the lock, allowing the gun to come clear out of the holster, but it’s selfilocking so you don’t have to lock it back in place. Wow that last shot was a 0.77 with my Serpa locking holster.

Todd 2-6-4

Now we’re going to move on and see what we can do with a level three holster. Wow, that was a 1.95 with a level three renention holster. With the competition holster, level two Serpa, and level three Serpa; notice I’m only adding about a tenth a second for every time I draw the gun to the target. 

Todd 2-6-5

Now lets take a look at this holster in detail—the maximum security level three holster for law enforcement. Remember our passive lock, our Serpa lock, and now the thumb break, allowing us to put our finger in the correct place each and every time. So we got our security here, level three. WOO! That was a good one boys! That was a 0.74 with a level 3 holster! 

Todd 2-6-7

Let me tell you what we’re going to do next. We’re going to do a transition drill from a rifle to a handgun with a Serpa holster on the side. 

I hope you learned some valuable information about holsters today. Make sure that if you’re a conceal carry permit holder, or if you live in the tactical world, make sure you have the right security holster to allow you too train properly and train hard. 

Until next time, I’ll see you on the range.


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