Magazine Reloads


You just saw me demonstrate four different techniques of reloading. We’re going to go over each one of them and break them down. 

Let’s get started on the speed reload. Here’s the primary tip, I always make sure, loading and unloading a gun, to keep it up in your face or near your target.  Keep the gun up in your face as you do the load so you’ll have a faster first shot after the speed reload. 


The next reload will be the slide lock. Key thing about this is understanding where the slide lock position is when you break the shot. You’ll find this will be hard to get to at times. Let me demonstrate this one more time. On a slide lock reload, once the magazine is inserted properly put your thumb on slide stop releasing it to allow the slide to go forward to pick up the round.


The second version of the slide lock reload will be not using the slide stop, but from the back of the gun. Grab the slide with a firm grip, pull and release, allowing the slide to strip a round from the magazine and load it into the chamber. The reason why I’m doing this is because it’s difficult to master the slide lock on some of the guns on the market out there, and also wearing a set of gloves will also help you enhance your stripping the rounds off. So let’s give it a try with a set of gloves on. 


Next is the reload with retention. This time the gun is loaded and there are rounds still in the magazine. As you take the old magazine out, the gun is still hot so keep it pointed at your target. Recharge the gun with a fresh magazine then you can put the partially loaded magazine in your pocket or back in one of your pouches. I advise you to load a fresh magazine from the back of your belt and return the partial magazine there. That’s because if you need another full magazine in a hurry, I know I will have a topped-off magazine in front. That’s Reload with retention. 



The tactical reload, one in the pipe, magazine partially empty. Grab a new one out of the pouch hold with a nice firm grip. Drop the old magazine with the gun up in your face so that you can still see your target. Insert the fresh magazine, hanging on to it with a nice firm grip. The gun is loaded and topped off and back on the target. The tactical reload. 



The tactical reload with the rifle. There are so many different types of reloads our guys are using in the field today. Let me show you the one I like. I like to use a double cinch Mag. I insert the magazine in and as I run it dry, I can insert the fresh magazine. It’s a little faster for me than coming out of a pouch or coming off the thigh. 



We worked on all different types of Mag changes today. Go out and practice the one you like. We’ll I’m going to go out and practice the one I like. I don’t like to reload that much. This is what I use when I go to the range. The Beta Mag. 



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