The Proper Grip


Well guys now we are going to show you how to grip the gun properly. Of course we will be using a two handed grip here, but let me explain to you how the first portion of this may work here.  You will find that most people will have a tendency to grip the gun incorrectly.  What happens is when the gun fires it has a tendency to move the gun to the left and right and also up and down.



 We can only eliminate one of those so you want to make sure you center the gun, the beavertail area, in the center of the wrist.  You will see that the muzzle will be in line all the way back to the tip of your elbow.


Now we are going to move around to the weak side and take a look at this portion of the hand gun itself. Over the years, you have seen Hollywood have a tendency to cup or put their fingers around the front strap; those things do not work in the real world, guys.  Make sure that your put your finger underneath the trigger guard, have a nice firm grip with all four fingers.  Make sure the support side is locked in with a nice good firm grip and I also like to point both thumbs down range - strong hand thumb should be on top of the support hand thumb.


Now strong hand and weak hand. We have known over the years that bulls-eye shooters have a tendency to shoot like this.  We are going to be a bit more aggressive here and get into our strong hand.


Make sure our weight transfer is balanced here so we have plenty of control over the gun. Of course, when we go to the weak hand, we just transfer our body weight over.  The same grip applies that we showed you, bring the gun up here.


One more tip, this time with the rifle.  Vertical grips are very common on many AR type rifles today.  Most guys have a tendency to hold the gun incorrectly like this. 


Try this technique where you pull your thumb around.  You will be more to the center of the bore of the gun and you will have more control when firing the gun.



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