Flashlights and Weapon Lights


Today’s segment is going to be teaching you how to shoot your handgun with a hand held light. I’ve got about four different techniques I am going to show you. We are also going to work on the rifle with a light on it and also a weapons mounted light on your hand gun. 

So lets get started with one of the techniques with the flashlight.



The technique that I just showed you here by bringing the flashlight up over your head, or near your shoulder, allows you to search more of the area in a confined or a larger area. You can’t do that with a weapon mounted light. 



Understand that some of the new flashlights on the market now actually put off a lot of light. So let me show you a technique where just a little amount of light allows you to see your sights and allows you to hit the target. You’ll notice that there are two distinct beams from the flashlight, one in the center and one outside of it. You don’t have to have the light dead center of the target, there is enough light in the second ring in order to see your sights and hit the target. 




The next technique we are going to use is holding the flashlight along the cheek bone. Now, wherever you turn your head, is where the flashlight will go.




The next two positions we are going to show you are laying your strong hand over the top of the weak hand to use both hands for control and pushing the momentary switch or turning the light on if necessary.

The next position will be holding the flashlight and the gun at the same time while pushing a momentary switch. 




Remember the safety issue when mounting the gun and flashlight. Never sweep the muzzle across your weak side hand.

I just showed you some valuable techniques on how to use a light with a hand gun. Well of course you are going to be a lot more accurate when using one that is already on the weapon itself. Choose your lights wisely when you go out to buy one, I tell everybody a weapons mounted light is not for reading the news paper so be aware of that. Our law enforcement professionals out there need to be able to use a light for searching and firing at a target. So let me fire some bullets for you and I’ll see you soon on the range. 



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