Shooting and Vehicles

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Today’s segment will be getting my law enforcement buddies off those flat range duties. Guess what, you drive a car every single day you should learn how to shoot out of it, in it, through it, and understand what glass can do to bullets. 

That little demonstration I just showed you there is to show you what glass deflections of bullets can do.


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I am not going to tell you where to aim. That is going to be up to you to come out to a place like the Blackwater training facility. Shooting through glass can be a tricky thing. Where I aimed is not where the bullet went. When I fired a shot this was my hit, I aimed at a totally different place. The bullet actually key-holed through the target. This is just one scenario. Now lets do another situation where we are working from the outside of the vehicle, with glass.


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You just saw me shoot four rounds into the car here into the target, I only had three rounds exit. All cars have different structure and different types of window mechanisms in there that can deflect bullets, if you were to shoot from the outside into the car. Let me demonstrate that for you with a handgun.

There are my three shots on the outside of the car. Looking on the inside is a different story. I only had one partial hit where I consider a lethal shot on the target. One went into the seat and I just happened to pick up one of the bullets that hit the hardware inside the door somewhere, on the floorboard. I only had one shot to penetrate the outside of the car. 


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Now let’s get on with deflection shots with windshields and off of hoods of vehicles.

Ok, we can see we don’t have a hit anywhere on those targets we fired six shots on the back of the deck lid and here against the rear window. You can see all of these bullets deflected off here, even the shot on the window. All of those bullets went above the target. Think about your liability issues when shooting at a vehicle that may be moving. Now lets go forward and make a shot through the windshield.



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 Ok, I just took an aimed shot through this glass; this car has laminated glass in it. The bullet did not hit my target. 



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Think about all of the things we showed you today. It is very difficult to shoot into and to shoot out of a vehicle. Think about our boys in Afghanistan and Iraq dealing with a car bomber. Think about all of the firepower you have to put on a vehicle in order to stop it. 

So, all of you professionals out there who want to learn how to deal with a vehicle and understand how glass works, you may want to stop by Blackwater USA and take a training class. Good luck and I will see you soon on the range.



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