Shooting with Lasers

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As a firearms instructor, we are always trying to find new ways to allow our students to be able to shoot better, faster, and more accurately. 


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So today’s lesson is learning how to use lasers in awkward positions, for law enforcement and military. The key thing to understand is you can shoot guns in ways you never imagined before and hit the target.

Let me show you another demonstration, backing up on the move, on two targets.



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This next training exercise we are going to do with the laser will be the unconventional way of just pointing the gun down range while we are shooting both targets, but retreating to cover. So let me demonstrate that for you.



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The same concept applies for advancing on a target straight ahead. Let me demonstrate that for you, moving down a hallway at this particular target down here.


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Ok, there is another technique I just showed you, advancing on a target in a low ready position. You could never do that with conventional iron sights and hit the target with any type of accuracy.


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What I am going to show you now is drawing the gun a barricade, or in a hallway, or a house situation, that allows you to deploy the laser when necessary. Let me show you that real quick. 



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I just showed you a few demonstrations using lasers. Lasers can be a great tool for speed and acquisition of targets when drawing the gun in odd positions you have never used before. Our trained professionals are now using lasers in ways we have never seen before. I know for a fact, if you train with lasers, you’ll become a better shot. So if you are looking to improve your over-all skill level, try a laser out. And I hope to see you soon on the range.



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