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The 12-gauge shotgun, it’s been around for over a hundred years, very similar to the 1911 style pistol, it’s still being used in law enforcement’s hands today. Today’s segment will be about busting some myths about shotguns, what they can and can not do. We are going to talk about precision accuracy. So let’s get started with that.




Ok, my three shots that I just fired on the target, ten yards away. Now look at the group size I get. All nine shots are here. That’s nothing, but a wad along with that. Look at my head shot here, all nine pellets in the head. Ok, we take a look at the 22 yard shot that we fired down there, of course all nine pellets are down there. They are on the target but the group is nice. Remember, it’s not a scattergun, it’s an aiming device.



Let me show you a few options that you can put on your pump shotgun today.  Extension tubes, porting, having the forcing cones released. Slings, reducing recoil stocks like the Knoxx SpecOps system. Now let me show you what all of these options can do for you on a bank of targets.






Let’s take a look at what just happened a while ago, with the shot we did with the standard shotgun versus the new technology that is out there today. Who would ever make a shot like this at ten yards away with a scatter gun, but today’s shotguns are unbelievable with the technology that you have to work with on the street. Take a look at my 22 yard shot back there, totally different than the old 870 shotgun barrel.





We just saw the advantages you can add to your 12-gauge pump gun. The manufacturers of ammunition have been working really hard on less-lethal or non-lethal ammunition for your gun. I’ve got some different types of ammo here, whether its bean bags, rockets, diversionary devices; but the key thing is don’t get live ammo or lethal ammo mixed in with your less lethal rounds.



A little bit more about the Knoxx recoil reducing system. Here’s a pistol grip with a sliding stock. Do you guys like a pistol grip, maybe a folding stock, or maybe you prefer a conventional stock that has the recoil system inside. Now let me show you how this system works.




The 12-gauge shotgun. It’s been around for over a hundred years. It’s one of my favorite tools that I have in my safe. Between law enforcement and the military, they have been using it for years. It is a great tool for lethal, less lethal, and all of the new accessories that are on the market today. So go out and shoot your shotgun and I hope to see you soon on the range.

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