Weak Hand Shooting


Today we are at Blackwater’s training center where the professionals come to learn how to shoot and shoot better. We are going to be talking about strong hand and weak hand shooting, but with some very unusual techniques of operating your gun, if you have an extremity go down—legs or arms. And we are going to show you some new products that will help you out in those areas.


For some reason you may be wounded or injured in the field. Eric Yates is here to show us some new apparel from Blackhawk that is life saving equipment.



What I am wearing, Todd, are the new ITS or Internal Tourniquet System pants from Blackhawk Products Group. This is apparel with four tourniquets built into the clothing, so you don’t have to feed it over the top of your gear. You have two for your femoral arteries, two for your distal arteries, and on the shirt two high-up on the shoulders, two down low for the distal artery closer to the hand.

Wow! I’ll tell you right now, this equipment will keep us in the fight, so let’s go work on some strong hand and weak hand techniques.


Weak Hand Draw

I’ve got my gun cleared and holstered up. Coming around with your weak hand grabbing certain holsters can be difficult, so find one that works for you. The key thing is, never put your finger inside that trigger guard, ever. 





 I am transferring the gun to my legs with a good firm grip on it. Finger stays outside the trigger guard. Then transition the gun up to the target, with a nice firm grip, and break that shot off.






When shooting strong hand or weak hand be sure you keep the gun level. You’ll have better success hitting the target.






Now we have an empty gun, I am going to show you a couple of ways you can reload by putting the gun back in the holster. You will find that certain holsters will allow you to be able to lock the gun in position. It’s up to you to be able to learn all of the operating controls of your gun in order to go back to the target and engage it.




For some reason, you may have a jam, or stove pipe with your gun. If you have a malfunction, you can use your gear in order to clear the gun. Make sure you keep your finger outside of the trigger guard at all times.




Working with your rifle strong hand or weak side will be something you’ll need to go out and practice. Understanding your gear that you wear everyday, and how it can help you, if you have to go to weak hand shooting. Whether you are in law enforcement or the military, I advise you to go out there and work on these techniques. I want you to be safe and I want you to learn how to save yourself. So go out and practice and I will see you soon on the range.

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