The Alamo


Today’s Pro Tip is what I call the Alamo, the last stand that you’re going to have in your home, and all the hardware that you need to go with it. 

First of all, you need to have a really good lock on your bedroom door, I tell everybody that’s a really important part. 



Now, lets take a look at all of the hardware that we are going to need for this. Besides all of the hardware we have here, the most important thing you want to have is a good working cell phone, remember 911. 



Now whether it’s a knife, a good flashlight, a long gun, a revolver, an auto, maybe with a flashlight on it and a laser. Whatever type of weapon you might use for carry, I tell everybody, these are the important things that you need to understand. But when you have a firearm in your home, you need to understand how to lock it up, whether it’s in a lock box or in a good hidden place where only you know where it is. 




One of the great things that Blackhawk has come up with recently is a quick disconnect. It goes on every single SERPA holster. This thing can be mounted anywhere. Whether any part of your gear on your body, or anywhere in your home that you want to hide a gun.






Take a look at it under here. 



Okay, now we’ve got our equipment hooked up on us and we are going from the Alamo to the shoot house at Black Water. 

What we are going to do here is show you a few techniques with the flashlight and your guns to make you safer in your home. Lets get going. Okay, for some reason I have to be able to leave the Alamo. 





Remember, you know what your house is better than the bad guy does. So understand you don’t want to deploy your laser and give your position away. You want to be able to cover that up, and you only want to be able to take your light and turn it on when necessary. 

So if I am moving down a hallway, and I want to be able to check, I want to be able to control my weapon, and keep it in front of me. But, I am also moving down to be able to check either a room, or a hall way, or something. I want to be able to move the light out, pop it on for a second. 

Remember, your light is your best friend, it gives you a good second to determine whether you should be able to shoot or retreat. 



Okay, you have seen a couple of things we have shown you here on the Pro Tips today. Most of all you have to understand everybody in their home has to have an emergency plan for a situation just like this. So understanding what type of firearm you are going to use, what light you might be able to use, think about the long guns you might have in your house. Most of all your family must be involved in this. Think about how long it takes to go from the Alamo to a room you want to check out, or walking through your furniture. You know your house better than anybody else does. The key thing here is to practice. So good luck, and I will see you soon on the range. 

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