Shooting from a Wheelchair


Hey. It’s Todd Jarrett, we’re back for another Pro Tip. 




My friends who may be handicapped out there are always asking. Todd, where can I put a gun to be able to carry? Well, I went out on the range and I checked out some things. And I am telling you from a fanny pack, to a shoulder holster, to a cross draw. These places seem to be the fastest way to get out to manipulate your firearm, whether it be in front of you, behind you, or back to your right. 

Let me show you a couple of different techniques and how these things work. 



Shooting behind you, shooting a two handed grip. If you are using an auto, make sure you hang on to the gun with a nice firm grip. I recommend a revolver in a lot of cases, if you are only using one hand. Make sure you grip gun nice and tight, to make sure the gun cycles properly, and nobody can take the gun away from you. 



Moving to the opposite side with a good arm extension with a good grip. Depending on your disability, you may only be able to use one hand. So, my arm extension is to get out there as far as you can, but with a nice firm grip.



If you have two hands, and you can control the firearm, this gives you more control over the firearm if somebody has the tendency to want to take it away from you. Now, let me demonstrate all of these for you, live fire. 



Now, we are on the range and we are practicing. When you draw a gun from concealment in a seated position, more than likely you are going to put a muzzle across your extremities. I tell everybody, understand where ever you are drawing from, understand where that muzzle is located. 




Now, we are on the range shooting, and we are practicing, and we may have a jam. Understand how to be able to clear a jam properly with two hands by keeping gun pointed in the direction of the target, of course, finger out of the trigger.




If you only have one hand to be able to deal with it, you may be able to use some part of your equipment or the chair to be able to clear the gun and get it back on line to fire.


We showed you several different techniques of how to be able to draw the gun and think about the safety side of it. I’m going to say one thing, understand when you pick a firearm, pick a firearm that will fit you, and allow you to be able to fire the gun, and have it function properly every single time. And when you are out on the range, and you are practicing, make sure everybody around you knows what you are practicing for on the street. So good luck, and I will see you soon on the range. 




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