Protection in Your Car



Hey, it’s Todd Jarrett. Today, we are going to talk about personal defense inside your vehicle. We spend a lot of time in our cars now. One thing we want to understand is that there are a lot of places we can put our guns to conceal them, shoulder holster, a cross draw, or even a hard mount somewhere inside the vehicle. 



Lets take a look at some of the hard mounts that we can put our guns in. I am using a quick disconnect system and a SERPA lock holster from Blackhawk. What’s so nice about this hard point, I can put it anywhere in my vehicle to be able to access the gun. I am going to snap this off and put it on my cross draw. One thing to remember is to understand is never leave a loaded gun where someone can see it inside your vehicle. Make sure you lock it up properly. 



Now, lets take a look at putting it on my body. My two favorite places to be able to put a gun on my person, when I’m in a vehicle, will be a shoulder holster and a cross draw. It is very difficult to get to a gun when the seat belt is locked on the right side. Whenever possible I am going to put it in a hard mount inside my vehicle. 




Shooting through a $150 piece of glass may save your life if you have a target this close to you. Don’t be afraid to shoot through it. But, guess what, using a firearm may not be our only first choice. The best reaction to danger may be using the vehicle to get you to safety



Today, we learned two different techniques. One, using your firearm inside your vehicle, and two using your vehicle to flee the scene. 



Whenever possible, I always want to be able to flee the scene. I would much rather call my insurance agent and say, hey, I’ve got some damage on the front end of my car because I was fleeing a scene. I would rather do that than be defending myself and telling a judge what I did with my firearm in my vehicle. 



Remember both techniques will work. You just need to figure out which one works the best for you in any threatening situation.



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