Deep Concealment



Today, it’s deep concealment, whether it be in the summer time, or in your winter time gear. Lets get started on a couple different techniques in these areas. 

When using a light garment and carrying the firearm in front of you, what you want to do is make sure you grab the garment with a nice firm grip and drive it to the chin. This allows the gun to clear that garment in order to get the gun out for a close contact shot. 




The next technique will be deep concealment behind the hip, close to the body, inside the pants waistband. What you want to be able to do is, when you grab the material, grab it low and grab it right on top of the gun, dragging it straight to the chin. This allows that garment to get out of the way, so you can grab that gun with a nice firm grip, and draw it out, and hit your target. 



Okay, now, I have my winter time jacket on. A couple of things, my favorite gun to be able to shoot through a garment will, of course, be a hammerless or a spur-less type of revolver like this S&W Model 642. 



Things that you want to look out for is to make sure, when you use an auto to carry, is that that shooting through a coat pocket can be difficult at times. And I will explain that to you. Lets do some shooting now. Okay, lets review that shot real quick. 



One of the safety things I want you to understand is whenever you have two hands on the gun, you are always going to be faster and more accurate. You notice I took my hand out of my pocket and captured underneath of it, even though I can’t see my hands. You need to dry fire this method and understand where the muzzle of the gun is, because you don’t want to shoot yourself through the hand. The object is to survive a gun fight. 



Now, lets take a look at how an auto would work in our pocket, and lets look at some of the things that can go wrong with it. Like any semi-automatic on the market, what you need to be aware of is the cycle rate of the gun. If you don’t hang on to the gun with a nice firm grip, especially in a close contact shot like this, the gun won’t cycle and pick up the next round. Those are some of the hazards you are going to see when shooting an auto. So, make sure you pick the right gun for the right garment that you are going to wear on the street. 



Okay, a couple more places for concealed carry. Your lap top bag that you may carry back and forth to work and, of course, ladies that may have a CCW carry in a purse. I always advise. Make sure you have a strap that goes around your neck, so you can hang on to your money, your credit cards, and of course your gun.. 



We showed you some valuable techniques on deep concealment today. I tell everybody dry fire this at home to practice your draw and firing in an emergency. And you have got to get on the range and practice. So, good luck, and I will see you soon on the range.




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