Stance and Trigger Control


In todayís lesson we are going to talk about the stance.  Itís very important to understand that you stand correctly when shooting a handgun, especially at high speed, so lets break this down one step at a time for you guys. 

In step one, you are going to make sure that you get a pretty wide stance when shooting a handgun or shooting a rifle or shotgun.  Make sure that your strong side foot is two to three inches behind your support side foot and remember a wide stance is never going to hurt you in shooting.





Step two we make sure that when you are out on the range you slightly bend your knees to absorb the shock, so they are almost like shock absorbers. Make sure that you transfer your body weight to the balls of your feet. Never have more that thirty percent of your weight on the heels of your feet when shooting. 


Now we are at step three, we have established our stance now, whether you use a thigh holster or a hip holster, make sure that your holster and the gun are aligned straight to the target. This will be very important for a fast draw.



Now we have got one more thing we want to show you here about using barricades. A couple things you want to pay attention to is make sure that when you are standing in a box you do not have a prop to worry about. So if you are standing in a box behind a barricade you might want to transfer more of your body weight forward to have more balance when shooting. If you stand in your natural shooting stance you have a tendency to fall or lose your balance. So your support side, whatever side you are using, becomes almost like an outrigger.  So right side left foot is back as an outrigger, but as I change sides, my support side or strong side becomes my support side now with the support side foot to the rear.


Now trigger control. There are all types double-action, single-action, safe-action, LDA systems on the market. We are going to show you some quick and simple ways to press that trigger to the rear each and every time.  The key thing is never try to go to reset when shooting any type of mechanical trigger. You will find that you will be able to shoot any product on the market built today or tomorrow.


So as you press that shot let your finger come off the trigger each and every time and you will have better luck with speed and accuracy. It works with every kind of trigger, the light double action.



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