Finding Your Master Eye


Today we are going to be talking about the master eye and the advantages of shooting with both eyes open. We are also going to throw in some target acquisition for you guys so we can show you the proper method and how to move from target to target. 


Now we need to determine where our dominant eye is. Some of the population will have the right eye, right side, or strong side, holster side, will be their dominant side. 15 % of the population will have the left eye dominant and be right handed. 

The way to determine your master eye is make a small hole in the center of your hands, bring it up to the object you are looking at.  With both eyes open, look at the object and bring your hands bring to your face. The eye you come to is your master eye.


Once you have found your master eye; if you were born right handed, right eye dominant, you are good to go when it comes to hand gun shooting.  If you are right handed and right eye dominant you will see that the gun lines up for you.


 But 15% of the population is right-handed, left eye dominant. So in order to pick up some speed in handgun shooting, be sure to turn the head prior to the draw, to line up your master eye down range and you will pick up a little speed in your first shot.



Whether you are left eye dominant or right eye dominant, we are going to show the importance in target acquisition of learning to shoot with both eyes open. If you shut down your non-dominant eye you will cut down as much as 40 % of your peripheral vision.  Not a good thing. Lets work on some target acquisition.



What I just did there, is show you exactly how to look for target acquisition.  Now what we need to do is explain to you what to look for when you go from target to target with both eyes open.  Now watch my eyes as I acquire the target, one shot to the next shot, one shot to the next shot, find that small spot, let the gun come right into it to break the shot for high speed shooting.


OK guys now we are going to give you a drill that you can go out and accomplish on the range. Target acquisition we know is very important as is shooting with both eyes open.  So what we want to be able to do is locate the spot where the gun comes to. If you look at a small area on the target, you will have a better chance of having more accuracy for high speed shooting, but if you look at the entire target, the gun has no idea where it is going. So remember aim small, miss small.


Now you have seen exactly where we need to go, and I have demonstrated this for you guys, so the key thing is looking at a specific spot on the target.  As the gun is coming in, you should be able to pick the gun up in your peripheral vision, roughly about six to eight inches off the target. If you see the gun any earlier that means you are following the gun. That will slow down your target acquisition and you will more than likely bypass the target and have to go back to the point where you want the shot to land. That wastes valuable time. Remember find a spot, let the gun come in to where you are looking and you will pick up your target acquisition and your speed will be impressive.



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