AR Rifle Tips


Did you know that there were over three million new gun owners in 2011? And a lot of them were buyers if the modern sporting rifle, the AR-15, one of my favorite guns to take to the range every day. We are going to show you some things around this gun today that I think is going to help you out on the range, so let’s get started on shooting some precision shots. 




Let’s take a look first at the optics and the actual mounting system that holds this scope to the upper receiver. It’s very important to have a good rigid mount.




Now rifling.  This particular gun has a one-in-nine twist on it, which means it likes a lighter weight bullet, up to about a 55 grain or a 62 grain bullet. Anything heavier than that and you would want to have a one in seven twist, which works with 60, and 75, and 77 grain bullets.

Now there is a one-in-eight twist bore, which is a competition type of  barrel, which kind of works out for both heavy and light bullets. My recommendation is to go and find out which type of ammo works in your gun the best. So let’s check out a 55 grain in my one-in-nine.




I am shooting three different  types of bullet weights and different types of ammunition down range.  I want to figure out which one works the best in my barrel. One thing that is very important, when shooting groups down range, make sure that your sporting rifle is actually on your sandbag, or whatever prop you are using.

Never allow the barrel to land on that, the bullet will go two feet in any direction down range, from your actual aiming point. 





Ok, I want to check out my groups here. Well of course, my gun has already been doped in with a 55 grainer that I like. Now you can see that it shoots a really nice inch group at 100.



But now think about it, I used another 55 grain bullet, with a different velocity, different profile, and that bullet now is shooting to the right and of course the group is not as good.



And this is a different type of ammunition that I shot and of course this is only about a 3 inch group at 100. Might be ok for you guys who are plinking out there but if you are a hunter or a competitive shooter, you are looking for precision.




Whether you are a hunter, or thinking about shooting some type of three gun, if you didn’t have a bench on the range and you were lying down prone to be able to shoot some groups,  it’s very important that your body lies the same way every single time, so you are in line with the gun down range. 

An improper positioning on the ground will throw your impact off on any type of rifle, down range. The first position will actually allow you to be correct so look at the alignment from the barrel right through the rifle into the back. The Incorrect way will actually be where my body is off center and that gives me a different sight picture from my eye to the scope.





Now I’ve got one of my favorite guns that I take to the range, but it’s in .22 caliber. It has all the adjustable stocks, trigger, safeties, sights, as the standard big boy gun does, but I tell everybody if you are out looking have a good time with the family, take the kids shooting, take a neighbor shooting sometime. No noise, a lot of fun, no recoil. I guarantee you will spend more time putting bullets in the magazine than you will shooting. Good luck and I will see you soon on the range. 




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