Advice to  First Gun Buyers


Wow! So many guns to choose. What do I pick? Hey, it’s Todd Jarrett with a Pro Tip on finding out what’s the best gun for you and the questions you might want to ask at your local gun store. Whether its sub-compacts, pocket guns, midsized guns, competition guns, concealed carry guns, revolvers, or shotguns; we’ll figure it out today.



Let's take a look at pocket and deep concealment guns with calibers ranging from .22 rimfire, .25 autos, .32s, .38 autos, and 9mm. This one has a high capacity single stack magazine. But this pistol is a little bigger in my hand, so depending on the size of your hand, it may or may not work as a pocket gun. This pistol fits really nicely in a pocket and has a very light recoil spring. Also something new gun owners need to understand, pocket guns will need to be cleaned more often.




Now let’s take a look at the full sized guns, which are typically used by law enforcement and the military. These larger semi-autos are not as easily concealable as the pocket guns. They come in 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP calibers. This pistol is a high capacity 9mm striker fired gun. And this semi-auto offers a double action or single action mode that gives you a couple of options for safety, but it depends on the size of your hands. When it comes to single stack pistols, the 1911 .45 ACP can get the job done if needed.




Our next class of guns is the revolver. Semi-autos can be difficult to load and cycle if you have arthritic hands, so a revolver might be a better option. You can operate them in the single action or double action mode. Also, they are lighter so they tend to have more recoil than their semi-auto counterparts. However, that lighter smaller frame makes for a great deep concealment or pocket gun. You’ll find revolvers in .410, .45, 9mm, .357, .38 calibers. Something to note, long barrel revolvers can be difficult to carry concealed due to their weight and larger size.



These are just a few of the guns I think make great choices for home defense guns. But let’s not forget the gold standard of home defense, the 12 gauge shotgun. While you cannot conceal this, but you still need to figure out what works best for you for home defense, or concealed carry. Whether it’s a pocket gun, a semi-auto, or a revolver; these are the questions you should research before walking into your local dealer. Until then safe shooting and I’ll see you on the range.



Boy that was cool. Shooting improvised targets can be a lot of fun on the range, but they are also messy.  I tell everybody, there is always range etiquette whenever you go out. So if you are out blasting, make sure you always pick up your brass, and you may have a buddy who reloads. And clean up your mess and I will see you soon on the range.




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