Props and Barricades


OK guys, we are going to talk about props and barricades and all of the hazards that you may see on the range.  One of the things that you will want to make sure of is setting up properly on them. We are going to show you some of the things that can go wrong whether you are using wooden barricades or other types of props or even cars. 



This will be something that you may see on the range. That is a miss, my friend, and we will explain it to you now.



I just demonstrated to you the proper way to shoot around a barricade or a prop.  If you notice when I was shooting around the barricade the gun was straight up and down and level. When ever possible, always keep the gun level when shooting around different things on the range. Now you can see where our other individuals here may have missed a target because their sights are on the target, crystal clear, but you notice that the gun is not level

This is what you will end up with and you will never hit a target when the bullet touches the prop on the range.


Now you have just seen me demonstrate shooting through a port hole in the wall or some type of prop on the range that might confine your rounds from going through. A couple things we want to look for to explain why these things are happening. The problem is we have a tendency to jerk the trigger when shooting through small confined ports, so make sure you aim three quarters high on the target and not dead center.



Now we have changed to the rifle. If you are in competition, or in law enforcement, shooting through props and barricades is what you need to accomplish, but you also need to understand barrel sight relationship.  So let me show you that.


You have just seen me put a couple rounds into a target. If you take a look at the bullet holes on the target, realize where the bullet came out of the barrel and went through the target. Now look at the relationship to my sights. Where did I aim?  At ten yards away, I aimed above the target. If I had aimed properly and put my sight where I thought the bullet was going to go, I would have hit down low on the target. And if I had placed the sights on the target and then jerked the trigger; I would be into the prop. So be aware of those things.


You just noticed how I shot these two targets without using any type of support. Whether it be on a barricade, or in this case the roof of a car, this is what we do not want to do when we are out shooting a bank of targets that may be close to you, say ten or fifteen yards away. Do not use a support. A support position on a range prop is not very effective because it slows down your target acquisition. A lot of police departments and three gun guys are now using vertical grips. These thing will slow you down, so be very aware when you are on the range and setting up a shooting position, and using support, that the vertical grip doesn’t get banged around when making shots. Those are the things you want to look for when shooting on props and barricades on the range.



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