Concealed Carry

Todd 13-01

You have just seen a way concealed carry may be used, whether you are in executive protection. or are a CCW holder. There are forty states now that have some type of concealed carry that you are able to use in America today. What we would like to show you are four techniques to use to draw out of some type of concealment garment.  


The first one is the sweep, where you push the garment to the rear to be able to get to the firearm. A couple of things I want to show you guys. It would be a great tip to be able to put a little bit of weight inside your pocket so, when you throw it back, the weight carries the garment back farther in order for you to be able to draw the gun out easier.


Next, The Thumbing Technique.  Essentially what we are doing is raking the garment back with the strong hand thumb, coming up high near the armpit area and then dropping the hand down to draw. But getting the garment fabric caught in your draw hand can be a problem. So always make sure that you get the material back away from you in order to draw the gun and hit the target.  With the thumbing technique we are coming up high, near the armpit and driving down to the gun and drawing out to the target .



Now what I want to show you is what we call the PIT, which is a more aggressive way to get the garment out of the way and get to the firearm. The old method of thumbing was great, but with the new PIT we are using all four fingers to pull the garment back and come down to grab the gun for a much smoother and faster draw.



The fourth technique that we will use will be he cross draw. This works great in some circumstances. Essentially what you want to do is grab the garment, with the weak hand and pull it back so the strong hand is able to clear the gun out of the holster properly. This technique works great inside of a vehicle.


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