Rifle Positions


Today we are working on rifle positions. In the prone position it is very important that you are in the very same position every time, with the axis of the barrel going through the crack of the butt.


Shooting in a prone position is going to give you the best accuracy and let you know exactly what your rifle is doing. This is the easiest position to use.



So now let's do some standing. 

When shooting a standing shot you need to understand where your feet and hips are. With the gun pointing at twelve o’clock down range, I want my hips pointing at two o’clock as a right-handed shooter.



What we are going to do is work on what we call a pullback position, a neutral position, and a pull forward. So let's demonstrate that.



Three positions that we are going to be working with depends on upper body strength, so if you’re doing a pullback to the shoulder, which is a couple pounds of pressure here, versus a neutral stance, which is barely hitting the shoulder, and then a pull out which is still touching the shoulder, but just barely enough to be able to control the muzzle of the gun.




Mastering these three techniques will be important. Of course working in a standing position can be very difficult, but today we are working on a V-Tac Wall, which allows us another position to be able to lock the gun in place.

So there are a couple of different techniques to look at here. We can actually wrap our hands around the barricade, or some type of prop if possible, by locking this in, or we can actually drive the gun in with the magazine physically touching the prop.




Now we take a look at the technique we have been using for years, like a one-knee position here, which is kind of standard in the military and law enforcement. What we can do here, in the three-gun world, we have been working on what we call a reverse knee.



A reverse knee gives us another platform to be able to stabilize the body up against a prop.

Now we can get closer to that prop by driving the magazine up there and locking it in, and giving us a secure sight picture on the target at a long distance.



We covered a lot of different techniques today with the rifle in different positions. I can tell you right now it takes a lot of practice to do that, but you may find some different positions that work best for you because I am always learning too. Good luck and safe shooting.





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