Rifle for Home Defense

Today’s Pro Tip is understanding whether a Modern Sporting Rifle for home defense is for you. I am using an unloaded firearm to go through my house.  


Now, I know my house better than anybody else, so what I want to do is work on how to use walls for concealment or cover.




I also want to understand how to properly train for home defense on the range. So we will be using certain techniques specifically for home defense training on a shooting bay. First, let’s zero that gun and get to work on some techniques that can make you better in your home. I like a 25-yard zero for close engagement.

Now, first thing I want to do is clear the firearm. A little proper etiquette for you, make sure your action is open. Now, I am going to lay it on the floor.






I am going to move my gear back here, and what we are going to do is change the target out and work on some techniques of low-ready and high-ready to mimic stuff around the house.


I want to blade off so that my body is roughly about two o’clock based on a right-handed shooter.

I want to make sure that my safety is on to start every single time.

I want to work manipulation in, so I am going to start with the gun in a low-ready position with my safety on.

I am going to bring the gun up, having good control of the firearm mounted back to my shoulder.

Gun comes up.


Now I'm going to work high ready, same technique - safety and everything.

Gun comes up.

Now let's look at a technique of making sure that we understand how to use doors and walls and make our body as small as possible should we face a threat.

I like to have my feet and hips pointed at three o’clock based on a right-handed shooter.

We are going to start with a high-ready technique. Safety is on. Same technique.


Now we are going to do a low-ready and use it on the right-hand side of some type of concealment or cover.

With your feet pointed at three o’clock based off of a right-handed shooter, it is a little more difficult to fire your rifle than if you were in a conventional stance.


I like to be able to use the props that are on the range here to simulate using furniture in my house.

Still, the most important thing we need to understand is that this is a rifle. The bullet is extremely powerful. It can pass through multiple floors pointed down or multiple floors through the ceiling. Understand that if you have rooms in your house, that bullet can go through three or four different walls and rooms.

You know your house better than we do, so the most important thing is, I want you to be safe. And I will see you soon on the range.





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