John Paul on Trigger Control

One of the secrets of precision shooting is the marriage between trigger control and the interface on the rifle. Why is good trigger control important to you? Well first off, good trigger control is one of the foundation blocks of precision shooting, and it guarantees that you’ll have accuracy and consistency out of your rifle. Secondly, safety. If you don’t exercise good trigger control, you might have a negligent discharge with your rifle and that is on you.  


Now, I’m going to get into the rifle here and I’m going to demonstrate in dry fire what I’m talking about. I want you to listen to this, and then I’m going to describe what’s going on.

First, what you hear, the first click that you hear, is the hammer falling and that’s going to fire the rifle.


Now, the rifle recoils, and I’m holding the trigger to the back while it’s recoiling.  And when the recoil impulse subsides, now I’m releasing the trigger and the second click you hear is the hammer resetting to the trigger, getting it ready for the next shot. And the reason why I do that is like the follow through on a golf swing. Bang, I’m holding it, recoil impulse subsides. Now click, I reset it. Now I’m ready for the next shot. Bang, click, bang, click. So that’s how it goes, and if you exercise that kind of trigger control you will never have a negligent discharge, and you will reap the most accuracy out of the rifle possible.


Now, let's talk about your interface into the rifle. What am I talking about here? Well it's how I actually get into the gun. One of the things you need to know is that the difference between bolt guns and say semi auto type rifles is really dramatic. It’s a completely different technique, and you really have to think in terms of two different software.


When I shoot bolt guns I have one type of technique. When I shoot these rifles I have a completely different technique, and let me demonstrate that. You come on to the interface that you are going to have here, with the trigger control. And that is going to optimize your performance with these rifles.



One of the things about these rifles that you’ll find out that they are a little bit more technique sensitive, even though the accuracy potential is as good as a bolt gun. I’m going to get into the rifle and have a nice tight cheek-weld on it, and that stock is going to be firm, but I’m not pulling it especially into my shoulder.  


You notice I’m choking all the way up on the grip, just like I’m shooting a pistol, and then when I put my finger on the trigger I’m actually riding the trigger in the crease of my first knuckle, not out here on the pad like I might do a bolt gun. I’m going to ride the trigger in my knuckle.


So here is my interface on the rifle. Slightly low to the bi-pod. The combination of this and good trigger control is going to maximize your accuracy potential on the rifle. Now, let's see what this looks like under actual live fire.



Well, that’s how I do it. Now, I bet you think there’s something really unusual about this trigger?  Well, it is pretty unique. That’s something that we just came out with and we call it a roller trigger. First time I tried it, I realized I had to have it on all my guns. Check it out.

JP’s Roller Trigger





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