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USAMU Pro-Tip -  Sergeants First Class Brian Moran and Kenneth Rose 


Hi Everybody. I’m Sergeant First Class Brian Moran with the United States Army m\Marksmanship Unit Instructor Training Group here with Sergeant First Class Kenneth Rose.  And we are here to talk to you about maximum point blank and how it can maximize your hunt season. 



Maximum Point Blank is a way for you to guarantee impacts within you known distance hunting lane without making any adjustments to your zero. For today’s purposes we will be using a 200 yard hunting lane. For today’s demonstration we are going to be using an M24 chambered in .308 Winchester, a common hunting round found in the United States of America. However, this technique will work for any weapon system of yours and your caliber. You simply need to input certain data into it. 

For today’s purposes we have fired our rounds over a chronograph in order to find the flight characteristics of our projectile at our intended ranges. This can be accomplished without the use of a ballistic solver or chronograph simply by going out to your hunting lane and firing rounds to gather that specific flight trajectory data.



Impact. Center mass. Dead in the center. Make it safe.

After that impact we can now set our margin of error. We have impacted our four inch circle at two hundred yards.  We expect to see a two-inch drop from our projectile from this rifle at that distance. What that allows us to do is leave our one hundred yard zero on the gun and understand that the bullet will never miss outside of a four-inch circle, elevation wise. This comes into play when we start looking at unknown distance targets and multiple targets throughout our range. 



Remember this solution only works for elevation. Windage is a whole other ball game.

The other members of the Instructor Training Group are setting out targets at this time for us to engage at various ranges.



Maximum point blank is extremely effective when dealing with unknown distance targets. Let’s give it a run. 

As we can see, by applying the fundamentals, Sergeant Rose is able to clean the entire lane without making any changes to his point of aim or his zero. 

Now take Maximum Point Blank for your rifle and your ammunition back to your hunting lane and you will be a more successful hunter.





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