PRO TIPS with USAMU - Shooting the Mover


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USAMU Pro-Tip -  Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski
and Sergeant Anthony Heinauer 


I think you already know the Bianchi Cup is always decided on the Mover Stage. Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski has won the cup.  He’s working with Sergeant Anthony Heinauer of the Army Marksmanship Unit to coach you for the Mover. 

I’m Sergeant First Class Adam Sokolowski and this is Sergeant Anthony Heinauer. We are both from the Army Marksmanship Pistol Team. Today we are going over how to get your lead on the world-famous Bianchi Mover. 


At the Bianchi Cup I shoot in the Open Division. This allows me to have an adjustable mover base for my red dot. It has pre-set adjustments that has my leads already in it.  When I am shooting from right to left all I have to do is move the switch to the right and aim center. This automatically compensates so my rounds will hit center. 



When I am shooting on the left-hand side, I move my switch to the left which allows me to aim center and hit center. With the preset adjustable mover base it is important that you move it left or right depending on which way the target is traveling. It has to be part of your shot plan that you don’t forget. With the mover sight, all I have to do is aim center, have smooth trigger control, and my shots will be in the center.






I’m SGT Anthony Heinauer and I shoot the Production Division. Unlike Sergeant Sokolowski, I use iron sights and do not have a mover base. I am going to show you guys how to establish a lead on your iron sight gun when shooting the moving target. 



What I am going to do in this drill is hold center of the target. That way we can establish a group both left and right to determine what my lead will be. 

All right so on this target we held center, both right to left and left to right. As you can see, I have two different groups here. What I am going to do is take those two different groups and now have two new points of aim for the direction in which the target is moving.



How I am going to do this for a drill is to put a paster on the target that moves from right to left, approximately where the group was when I held center. And from left to right when I held center. 

So, as we can see both of my groups have tightened up and now, I have determined the lead for the 10 yard line. 



But let’s say you do not have a mover at home. We can also practice the mover on a static target simply by putting the target on the 10 yard line and shooting six shots in six seconds since the moving target event is sixty feet in six seconds. 



Our goal for this drill is to try to get all six shots in the X-ring. With a six second par time, this is not a race, and we are trying to achieve ultimate accuracy. 

Learning the lead on an iron sight gun is vital to becoming successful when shooting the moving target event. Practice these drills and I will see you at Green Valley.





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