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One of the best ways I’ve found to improve your shooting doesn’t even really involve pulling the trigger. It’s properly exiting and entering shooting positions. 

On today’s Pro Tip, I’m going to show you some championship winning methods to improve your movement.



Lets start by covering exiting shooting positions. There are two methods we’ll use to exit a position based on the difficulty of the target. If it’s a hard or difficult target, I’ll use a hard exit. For example on this popper, here, I’ll use a hard exit. In the case of the hard exit, you want to finish your shooting first, and then leave the position. 



Now, if you’re moving from left to right, you want to pick up your right foot, pivot on your left foot, and drive off. The opposite would be true if you were going from right to left. Now, lets see it in real time moving from left to right. With a hard exit, it’s very important you maintain a stable shooting platform until you’ve completed the shooting. Notice that my feet are not moving until I’ve broken the last shot. 





The second method of leaving a shooting position is the easy exit. I do this when I have a much larger target to shoot for my final shots. With this method, I begin leaving as I fire my last shots from this position. With the easy exit method, I’m going to be firing my final shot as I leave the position. The way I’m going to do this is I’m going to plant my right foot and cross over with my left foot.



Now that you’ve left the box, it’s important you run to the next position. You want to keep your gun up at the high ready when doing so, for two reasons. One, it allows you to acquire the sights more quickly when you get to the next position. And number two, it allows you to negotiate any props you may have when you get there without sweeping your hand. 

Now if it’s more than about three steps, I remove my weak hand from the gun, and pump my hand, or drive my forward momentum. When you’re running, don’t over think your foot work, it’s just basic sprinting. 




Now that we’ve made the move over to the position, it’s time to enter the box. You want to make sure you slow your momentum before getting here. Next, you’ll go ahead and plant your left foot outside the box, step in the box with your right foot, while simultaneously pushing the pistol out to the target. Make one final step in with your left assuming a stable shooting platform. It’s important you keep your knees well bent to counter your forward momentum.




One thing that’s important to note about entering this box is you’re clear to engage the targets as soon as your foot clears the ground, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the box. 



Practice exiting, running to, and entering multiple positions. They will save you time. I personally save up to a half-a-second per position. Until next time, Stay Army Strong!




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