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SSG Horner – In the Woods


Whether you’re a shooter or a hunter you need to be able to use the natural support that’s available to you in the woods. So in today’s pro tip I’ll show you a couple of techniques that will allow you to utilize the natural support quickly and effectively.






The first position I would like to talk to you about is shooting around the left side of a tree while standing. To do this, I’m going to get a good firm purchase on the tree with my offside hand and make a cup with my index finger. 

I’m going to let the rifle index into that cup while maintaining a good aggressive stance with my feet and leaning slightly into the tree. 

One thing to be very careful of is to make sure your barrel is not resting on the tree in any way. This will throw your shots off target. 





Now lets talk about the right side, the right side is going to be very similar to my left side with the exception of my support hand. I’m going to lean into the tree with my palm. I’m going to lean into the tree to keep my hand from sliding down as I’m shooting. 

I’ll grasp the rifle with my thumb and forefingers and pull the rifle forend against the tree. Again my foot position is pretty much the same leaning into the tree. This gives me a pretty stable shooting platform. 

These tips apply to me because I’m right handed. If you’re left handed, then they will simply be reversed. The difference between these two techniques is concealment and support, around the left side of the tree I have more support to make an accurate shot. Around the right side of the tree I have more concealment to keep me hidden from my target.  Only you will be able to decide which technique you will be able to apply in your situation. 








The next position we will talk about is the kneeling position. We’ll start on the right side this time. My hand position is pretty much going to be the same. My palm will be right up against the tree and I’m leaning into it. My thumb and forefingers will grip the rifle. My elbow is going to be touching my knee and I will be sitting on my left ankle, all while leaning into this tree.

Generally the more support you can get from the ground and the tree with your body the better off you’ll be.



Now on the left side it will be a combination of your right side kneeling and your left side standing. My hand position is going to be the same as standing. I’ll be pressing into the tree with my palm and my index finger will create a cup for the rifle to rest on. My right elbow will be on my right knee and I’ll be sitting on my left ankle just like the right side kneeling position. This is the quickest and most stable position that we’ve talked about. And this is my favorite position for many different reasons. I can get into it easily in about one step, it elevates me above most ground cover, I can place long range accurate shots on target and I can leave easily. 



The tips I’ve shown you today will help you in the woods. It will be up to you to decide you want less stable more concealed position or a more exposed or more accurate position. Until next time, stay Army strong.





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