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 Pro Tip - SFC Rick Merrill
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Handgun Hunting



While I enjoy hunting archery and rifle hunting, nothing is more thrilling then taking a large animal with a big bore handgun. Today we are going to discuss improvised rests, proper positions, and grip, using the Smith and Wesson 500 magnum.



The Smith and Wesson 500 is a double action 50 caliber revolver capable of taking down any large game in North America.  While this handgun is very powerful, shot placement is always key.




Revolver grips are designed to allow the firearm to roll back into the palm.  I grip with my right and support with my left.  Remember to keep your support hand under the trigger guard. Keep a firm grip but do not squeeze so tightly you start to tremor.



Remember to smoothly pull the trigger to the rear while not disturbing the front sight as that is the focal point and not the target.

Never to lock your elbows out while aiming, By keeping your elbows bent and flexible you can better manage the recoil and get back on target for follow-up shots.



Proper grip and trigger control are essential, however adding a rest will only make you that much more accurate.  I have two types of rests that can be made at home, or out in the field while on your hunt.

First I have two sticks bound together with 550 cord.  I’ve shaved off the ends so I can dig the feet down in the dirt. This is my preferred rest because I can wrap my ankles around the legs for stability and rest my hands in the joint.





Second, we have a single stick with a natural joint that I have trimmed down to make room for my hand.  Being a single stick this one is less table.  The advantage of the single leg is I can quickly and easily change elevation.  I prefer to shoot this from the kneeling position allowing me to move my body and my gun up and down. Remember using some type of rest will help you take accurate humane shots on game.


So until next time enjoy shooting your Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum and stay Army Strong.





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