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Pro Tip - USAMU shot-gun team member Sgt. Jeff Holguin
with a lesson in double trap


As an international doubles trap shooter I’ve got some tips and techniques that will help you ATA shooters, starting with hold points. In order to find your hold point watch the flight path of the other shooters’ targets. Pick a spot in the background of your first target’s flight path.  This is your hold point.  It should be a height so that your gun is parallel to the ground.




Now with the hold point this high the natural tendency is look back down towards the trap house. Don’t do this because the targets will appear to be moving faster than they really are. Keep your eyes level with your hold point.



The most important thing I’ve learned in shooting doubles is to not allow the first target to get above my barrel before firing.  When done correctly, it will look like a spot shot from a distance, but there should be a small push with the target. Now don’t be afraid to make hold point adjustments as range conditions change. I know here at my home range my hold point is halfway up those trees, well down the road at the next range the background is twice as far and the same hold point won’t work. 

Also wind affects these targets, so don’t be afraid to make adjustments as your range conditions change.



Once breaking your first target becomes consistent you must put 90 percent of your concentration on breaking the second target before you even call pull.  The moment the gun goes off, shift your eyes to the second target and the gun will go naturally.



Don’t just look at the whole target, pick out a section of it.  When you are on the right side of the field your focus should be on the bottom right.  When you are on the left side of the field it should be on the bottom left. 



In the case of a strong head wind, you need to shift that focus to the top left or top right of the target, depending on where you are at on the field.



You get that  first shot down and ATA doubles becomes a one target game. And you already know where that target is going.  If you are not used to holding this high above the trap house, expect to spend a thousand or more targets learning this technique, but after that you can expect higher scores. 





Until next time stay army strong.




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