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Today we’re going to talk about .22 caliber sustained fire, but what is sustained fire?  Sustained fire is a system we use when talking about shooting timed fire and rapid fire.



In timed fire we shoot two strings of five shots in a time limit of 20 seconds. In rapid fire we shoot two strings of five shots in two seconds.  In order to keep things real simple we like to have one system that allows us to shoot both.

Sgt. Shawn Rajgay is about to shoot a string of timed fire. The first thing he needs to do is check his natural point of aim in aligning his body towards the target. He’s going to shoot a string of timed fire which is five shots in twenty seconds, but what you’re about to see is him shooting at about a rapid fire pace.



Sgt. Rajgay just completed a string of timed fire. but if you notice he got done with ten seconds remaining.  Why did he do that? Well the reason is this pace allows him to go right into rapid fire without having to change anything.  So all the Sgt. has to do is repeat his performance.

Sgt. Rajgay just completed shooting rapid fire.  As you can see, he shot that at about a ten second rhythm, just like he shot his timed fire.



Sometimes you will have a distraction that doesn’t allow you to get your first shot off on time. Or in some cases you may have a momentary pause in between shots. When this happens we like to go into our plan B. Our plan B allows us to be able to pick up the pace and get our shots off within the time limit.

Sustained fire shooting is rhythm shooting.  This allows it to be more consistent.  Because we’re so consistent, we know when to use plan B.  So use these techniques and get out there and find your rhythm.








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