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Pro Tip -  USAMU SGT Vincent Hancock
on Gun Fit and Fundamentals

Whether you’re a competitor, or an avid bird hunter, there are a few things you need to know before stepping out on the range.

First gun fit. A lot of people think that when you go out and buy a new gun they have to fit themselves to the gun, but in all reality the gun needs to fit the individual. Ensuring a proper gun fit is a necessity. I’m going to run through a few things to show you what it should look like.

First you’re going to have your cheek right in the middle of the stock between the butt pad and the trigger. This gun is open and clear so it’s safe.  I’m going to show you what it looks like. The pad is going to go nice and tight in your shoulder and your head is going to have a firm cheek weld to the stock.

My eye is my rear sight, so it’s going to be lined up straight down the barrel, with this middle bead touching the bottom bead. Whenever you buy a new gun make sure you consult a professional to see if you have a proper gun fit.

Next I’m going to talk to you about the most important aspect of breaking a target. You need to look at the front edge of the bird.

I’ve got a few illustrations here to mark out the front most part of the bird. If the target is flying this way your eyes need to lock on to this little piece at the front. This is going to make sure that your hands follow your eyes to the front of the bird, so you make sure you hit it. 

Now if you’re out on the field and you’re hunting birds, your eyes are first going to be drawn to the wings.  You need to move your eyes to the beak to make sure that you don’t miss behind.
Finally, I want to show you the last key element to breaking targets.  It’s a smooth consistent mount.  It’s going to be nice and slow and straight to the target. Pull. See it was nice and smooth no jerking about it and it was still pretty fast too.

The fundamentals we went over today were proper gun fit how to look at a target and nice smooth mount. These are going to be your keys to shot gunning success.







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