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Pro Tip -  Mastering Station Eight with the USAMU

Station eight is the final station on a skeet field. For us skeet shooters, it’s considered one of the easiest targets on the field, but growing up, station eight is the hardest to learn. So I’m going to take you through some of my training regiments that helped me get over the hump.

When I’m teaching a new shooter how to shoot low eight, I’m going to move them away from the low house. This is going to give them more time to engage the target.

Now let’s go over the fundamentals on how to make this shot happen. The fundamentals for breaking this target can be broken down into three steps; hold point, look point, and break point. The hold point is the position in which you hold your barrel to shoot the target. For me the hold point is about 10 feet outside of the house and five feet above the hole. Now for you it may not be that. If the target is beating you out, you need to move your barrel out from the target or, if you’re having to wait on the bird, you may need to move it in.

 And I always recommend for your eye hold point, look as close to the machine as you possibly can.

And the break point is simply where you feel the most comfortable breaking the target.

Now when your shooter starts consistently breaking the targets from this point in the field, you want to start moving them back to station eight. And remember, the closer you get to the two houses, the more your barrel has to move out on the path line of the target.

 So let’s move to the other side of the field and start talking about the high house. The fundamentals for the high house are basically the same as the low house. You’re going to have your hold point, look point, and break point.






The only difference is, for most shooters, it seems a little bit faster, so you’re going to have your hold point out just a little bit.

Hold point. Look point. Break point. These are your keys to shot gunning success.







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