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Pro Tip -  SGTs Sweeney & McMaster - Drawing from Concealment


The first method of concealed carry we’ll discuss is from the strong side hip position. First, Sgt. McMaster is going to reach over with his left hand, grabbing over his garment, pulling over the pistol, making sure to clear the pistol so it does not get snagged on any of his clothes.



He’s going to grasp the pistol with his right hand, extract the pistol from the holster, level the muzzle out toward the target and present the gun.

The next method of concealed carry that we’ll be discussing is again the same side hip holster.  Notice the front of the shirt is unbuttoned.



With his strong hand, Sergeant McMaster is going to sweep underneath his shirt, bringing it behind the pistol, grasping the gun, drawing, leveling out, and presenting toward the threat. Because his shirt is unbuttoned, this is when you would utilize this form of drawing.

Another method that we’re going to discuss is from the appendix. With his left hand, Sergeant McMaster is going to grab his shirt, pulling it up over the pistol, grabbing the gun with his strong hand, drawing the weapon, leveling out the muzzle and presenting towards the target.



The last thing we’re going to discuss is if you ever find yourself in a deadly situation in which you need to eliminate a threat or create distance. Sergeant McMaster is going to draw his pistol while simultaneously moving back and at an angle. This creates more space between you and the threat.
Another tip on how to move back and shoot is while you’re moving, you want to drag the toes of your feet on the ground.  This is going to help you be more stable if you ever run into any curbs or any other obstacles that you may find.

The methods that we have just shown you are all dictated by what type of clothing you’re wearing and where you decide to carry. So get out there and choose which method works best for you. Until next time, stay Army Strong.





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