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Pro Tip -  Training for a Hunt


Most people have trouble with crossing shots, but an American Skeet field is a good place to practice these shots. That’s because as you move around the field, the length of your lead changes.

I start at Station Four, because it requires the most amount of lead. Now once you get your leads down, you’re going to want to incorporate a low gun. 



Private Taylor will demonstrate. First, take a relaxed position, like we’re in the dove field, and call for the target from here. You could even practice this mount without shooting.



A good, consistent mount is imperative to making good shots and must be perfected.



Speaking of a low gun, take it a step further and practice manipulating your safety on the way up. It sounds silly but how many times have you or a buddy gone up on a group of birds and nothing happens? Practice it enough and it will become automatic.



Now to tie all of this together, I’m going to control when the targets come out and from which house. Make sure to change it up to keep your partner guessing.



 It’s important to do this, because in a real-life hunting situation, you don’t know where your targets are going to come from.



Once you become proficient on a skeet field, test your skills on the sporting clays range, where the clays are thrown from all different directions at varying speeds, just like the birds you’re after. Practice these drills on American skeet and you’ll become a better shot in the field.





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