Sighting In on The
NRA National Firearms Museum

SI25-10-1Sighting In on The NRA National Firearms Museum
If you are interested in guns, you likely have started collecting interesting firearms. Well, nobody is more interested than the NRA and their collection housed in the National Firearms Museum outside Washington. D.C. is truly extraordinary. We’re taking you there to see the priceless antiques that tell the story of America. 

The NRA’s National Firearms Museum is on the ground floor of the organization’s headquarters and it’s one of the world’s most outstanding private collections. Over two thousand rare and historic guns are on display. Each one is a direct connection to our history and our heritage.

SI25-10-2You can see the beginnings of America’s firearms industry in one of Samuel Colt’s very first revolvers… a Holster Model Colt Paterson with a folding trigger, made around 1839. You’ll see one of the first rifles ever in America, the Mayflower gun that arrived with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

The National Firearms Museum has been built through the support of NRA members and friends. The museum purchased only eight of the more than two-thousand guns on display. About 25 more are on loan, but over 99% of the guns in the collection came to the museum as gifts from donors who share the NRA’s interest in freedom, patriotism and responsibility.

SI25-10-3There is no other museum quite like the National Firearms Museum, preserving and explaining history and heritage from a shooter’s point of view. The Museum is an important destination for visitors who appreciate how guns and the freedom to use them have shaped our history and culture.





NRA National Firearms Museum



Nightforce NXS Scopes
One to Four Power Variable
2.5 to Ten Power Variable

Both have options for several reticule designs, both have a 24 millimeter objective and 100 MOA of adjustment in quarter MOA increments. 

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ProTipsAllanReloading Tips from Allan Jernigan –
Case Preparation

Allan is with us to help improve your reloading processes as you load to save money and to improve your accuracy. This week he’s covering case preparation and safety.

Case Preparation


HySkore – Parallax Pistol Rest
How to use it to sight in:

1. Use the rest to shoot a good group, aiming at the center of the target.
2. Without moving the rest, clamp your now unloaded pistol into the rest.
3. Using the adjustments on the rest, align the optic to the exact point of aim you used to shoot the group. 
4. Using the windage and elevation adjustments in your optic, move the reticule or the red-dot, to the point of impact, to the group. Your optic is sighted in.

The Parallax pistol rest retails for $49  Hyskore Website



Pro Tips –

Jerry Miculek on Revolver Grip



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