The USAMU/MGM Targets Juniors Clinic


Sighting In With Shooting USA - The USAMU/MGM Targets Juniors Clinic

SI28-09-1We’re Sighting in on the future of practical shooting. It’s a clinic on the ranges at Fort Benning to teach USPSA handgun competition to some very lucky juniors. The instructors are the Champions from the Army Marksmanship Unit.

How many times have we said it in 15 years, youngsters are the future of the shooting sports. And virtually all the shooting disciplines have developed programs to welcome the next generation of competitors. Cowboy Action Shooting has a junior program, there’s the Scholastic Clay Target Program for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays.

SI28-09-2And now, the Army Marksmanship Units Action Pistol Team has stepped up to coach and promote the success of the Juniors who will likely be the next generation shooting for national and world titles in USPSA handgun competition.

John Scoutten is the specialist in covering Practical Shooting and he’s got the story of the Army’s first Junior Action Pistol Clinic.



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