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Sighting In on Open Division Shotguns.

SI28-13-6First we’re sighting in on Open Division Shotguns and the new trends to help go faster. In all forms of racing there is the key question, how fast do you want to go? That question is always followed by, how much money do you have? And in the world of multi-gun competition, the answers to these questions can give one shooter the edge over another. 

That’s what John Scoutten has been working on -- a report on how far you can go, to the limit of the rules, if you’re willing to spend to increase shotgun performance.

On Patrol with the Monterey County Gang Task Force.

SI28-13-1Brian Speciale reports on the ugly side of California’s Paradise and the elite unit tasked with controlling the gangs. They patrol some of the most beautiful country imaginable as they deal with the ugliest scar on their. Brian report the story of the Monterey County Gang Task Force, and how it goes about protecting paradise. 

This is the elite unit that battles gangsters in every corner of the county, from the historic shores of the Monterey Peninsula, to the fertile fields of the Salinas Valley. It’s a dangerous assignment, with good tactics and strong training important to accomplishing the mission.

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The FN Herstal PS-90 Chambered in 5.7 X 28mm

The Bullpup Design that’s way beyond traditional carbine designs 

Suggested Retail $1,900

FN USA Web Site

John adds an easy mag release to a 10/22

SI28-13-5Anyone who has ever spent any time shooting a Ruger 10/22 knows how difficult it can be to operate the factory magazine release. I’ve got a simple project for you today to create an extended magazine release for your Ruger 10/22. There are several options out there for a replacement extended magazine release, some are around 15 or 20 bucks, and others can be as expensive as 40. Well, the solution I have for you cost less than a dollar provided you have a drill and a couple of bits. 

The parts I have for this are real simple, an inch and a half by10–20, slotted machine head bolt, and a couple of nuts plus this 3/8 inch nylon spacer. I found all of this on the fasteners isle at the hardware store. The bits are 13/64th and .386 for the counter sink. 

First, I need to get the factory magazine release out of the action, and chuck it up in the bench vise. So with a small allen key, push the mag release and bolt release pin through, then press the magazine latch plunger in, to free the release itself. 

Now, with the release in the vise, drill as close to center as you can. This is soft aluminum, so the drilling goes real easy. Now, I’ll get the larger bit in the drill. I want to counter sink the hole for the machine head bolt, so it will clear inside the action. I will remove a little metal at a time, checking the progress with the bolt, often. 

Once that is done, thread on the first nut, and with a wrench, or a pair of channel locks, snug the bolt up. Then, the nylon spacer and the second nut. Installation is simple, align the holes, and slip the pin back through the action. Now that I have the action back in the stock, you can see the advantage of this extended magazine release. 

SI28-13-4But, here is something that will give me an even greater advantage, it’s a 25 round extended magazine, and an automatic loader for all 10/22 magazines from Shooters Ridge. The loader is a great time saver, just drop your loose ammo in, and the self facing design lets gravity do the work. Plug in any 10/22 magazine and crank the handle, your magazine will be loaded in no time, and your thumb will be spared. And like any kind of shooting, the higher the capacity, the more fun it is. Plus, the clear plastic will give you a visual reference, in case you lose your round count in all the fun. 

Get more shots on target, and get your mags reloaded easier with the Shooters Ridge extended magazine and automatic loader kit for right at $50. Pretty cool, huh?

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