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SI30-04-1The NRA has been working for years to help hundreds of disabled Americans get involved in the shooting sports. We're taking you to a shooting clinic teaching marksmanship for the handicapped. It's one of the programs offered by the NRA's Disabled Shooting Services.




SI30-04-3It is not easy for anyone to learn to hit the ten ring.  You have to figure out how to control your breathing, find your natural point of aim, and learn the right way to squeeze the trigger.  But the challenge can be really tough if you have physical disabilities. The NRA has been working for years to help, guiding hundreds of disabled Americans into the shooting sports, and finding a few who may have the skill and determination to compete at the Para Olympic Games.




We’re taking you to an NRA Disabled Clinic that’s teaching and adapting equipment and techniques to help more people find the ten ring.




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John Builds a Competition 10/22



  • Bergara, 20 inch Heavy Fluted Target Barrel in bead blasted stainless. Priced at $240
  • Hogue Over-Molded Stock in Coyote Tan, contoured to accept the heavy barrel. $75
  • J-point red dot optic mounted in JP’s winged mount that attaches to a short piece weaver rail. Sight and Mount, about $390.



Nevco Airsoft Target Plate Rack

SI30-04-8Nevco Targets has created a line of reactive targets specifically for airsoft gun practice. These are their modular plate racks, that can be ordered as a single, or the pair to make up a full Bianchi plate rack. You supply a two-by-four and attach the leg system.

The 4 inch plates are set on 8 inch centers and each has a calibration screw to fine tune the force needed to knock it down. You can hone your transitions and have fun doing it. The Nevco Airsoft plate racks are $55 each, or $100 for two. The legs are $ 45.

Nevco Airsoft Targets 

The STI Legend in .40 S&W

SI30-04-9The caliber makes major power factor in IPSC or USPSA, but there are also options in 9mm and .45 ACP, so you can choose your power level. The tried and true STI 2011 frame is the starting point of this show piece. A fully supported bull barrel makes lock-up feel like a bank vault and the five inch length improves both power and accuracy. The front sight is a Dawson fiber optic, the rear is STI’s adjustable unit. And capacity in .40 cal is 17 rounds in the 140mm magazine.


There’s not a lot more you could want for an out-of-the-box, ready to run, Limited Race Gun. The STI Legend is priced at $2,670.

Info at the STI Website

G2 Gemini Apparel Custom Shirts

SI30-04-7If you watch Shooting USA, you have seen the big name shooters in their custom shirts, with all of the logos of their sponsors. Gemini Apparel has been around the Racing and Pro fishing world for many years and now they are bringing their cutting edge products and designs to the competitive shooting world. The material is breathable, moisture wicking, UV and fade resistant, and for the shooters there is a rip-stop combination that will withstand the rigors of the next match. Gemini has outfitted our guys with some new Jerseys. And you can create your own Gemini shirt at their website, semi-custom designs start at $26. One-of-a-kind custom designs start at $64 to be looking just as professional as everybody else.

G2Gemini Shooting – Design Your Shirts

Pro Tip – Shooting in the Woods




Sergeant Daniel Horner has a Pro Tip for both Hunters and Shooters on finding support for the shot when you're in the woods.




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