Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge  26-17

Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge

26-17-1The shooting sport of 3-gun competition, with pistol, rifle, and tactical shotgun is rooted somewhere in the idea of adults playing army. It is simulated combat. And Three Gun can get even more interesting when the Army issues an invitation to bring your guns and join up for three days of competition, with the Army Marksmanship Unit hosting their 3-gun challenge. 

We’re at Ft. Benning, Georgia for civilian competition on the Army Marksmanship Unit’s new action shooting range. The challenges have the feeling of combat with competitors challenged to break open an entry door, fire a grenade launcher for accuracy, in addition to shooting fast with pistol, rifle, and shotgun on the timed stages of fire.

26-17-2There are multiple titles in the match defined by the equipment. Tactical Iron means iron sights on all guns. Tactical Optics allows using a scope only on the rifle, and the Open Division allows optics and enhancements on all three guns and the use of speed loaders with the shotgun.

Army Marksmanship Unit Commander, Lt. Col. Ty Connett, says this match is one way to inform the American public about the capabilities of the teams. “We have a number of different teams here and our action shooting team is one of six and this is the particular discipline that they compete in. So it’s promoting the sport, it’s promoting what we do in the Army as soldiers, and this is Americas post. This is America’s Army and we’re America’s Army’s Marksmanship Unit and if we want America to know that.”

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Armorers kit displayed with the pistol.



The disassembled pistol.



Bottom end with new sear and disconnect held in place by an alignment tool.



bottom end with the sear spring in place held by the main spring housing



Bottom end with beaver tail grip safety in place and main spring housing fully seated and pinned.



Last step, right side grip plate holds right side thumb safety in place. Note relief on back of grip plate.





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