Infantry Team Match at Camp Perry

The Infantry Team Match at Camp Perry

28-10-1It’s the match that simulates trench warfare and charging the enemy in World War I with points to be gained by firing faster early in the match. That’s the reason for the nick-name the “rattle battle”, for the signature sound generated by six man teams firing as fast as they can. If the range sounds like a battle field, it’s supposed to. The match was conceived in the late 1920 to simulate a military battle squad, infantry squad. 

The Infantry Trophy Team Match closely resembles battles from the war to end all wars. When troops would lay down suppressing fire and then advance one step at a time. 28-10-3Its connection to history and longevity make the “rattle battle” one of the favorites for competitors each year at that National Matches.

The competition consists of four strings of fire from four distances, shot in all three shooting positions, prone, sitting and standing and under a time limit of 50 seconds at each position.

There are six members on each team, shooting at eight targets. They start off at 600 yards, then 500 yards, shooting prone. If they have not fired all their rounds, they move to shoot sitting at 300, and finally standing at 200 yards. Points are scored for targets hit, with more points awarded for hits from the greater distances.

28-10-2Each member of the time fires 64 total rounds with just 50 seconds to get into each position and fire. The best competitors can fire a shot a second and get hits. And with greater point value at the greater distances, it becomes a race to shoot accurate fire as fast as possible.

Target points – 4 at 600, 3 at 500, 2 at 300, 1 at 200.

With those target point values, a good run at the 600 will make any team a contender.


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