USAMU Three Gun Challenge

Shooting USA - The USAMU Three Gun Challenge at Fort Benning

28-13-1This time civilians are playing Army as the Army Marksmanship Unit hosts the match when combat training becomes competition. It’s the Ft. Benning Three Gun Challenge using pistol, rifle, and tactical shotgun.

Anytime the ARMY invites civilians to compete in a shooting competition it is likely to be a good show. So when the Army Marksmanship Unit set out to add even more resources to their annual three gun challenge, that brought a record number of competitors in for three days of simulated combat on the Fort Benning ranges.

28-13-2Three gun competition is based on the idea that you’re pretty good competing with your pistol. So, how good are you if we add in rifle and shotgun? In USPSA matches, it’s become known as multi-gun competition. And participation is growing with the record sales of the AR-15 rifle.

For the Army, three gun competition is excellent training for soldiers. Holding this annual match helps advance the Army Marksmanship Unit’s mission of improving skills throughout the Army, according to AMU Commander, LTC Frank Muggio, “This type of competition is exactly what we want our soldiers to be able to do in the field. They identify a target, they choose the right weapon system to engage the target, and they take out the target, and not anything around the target.” 

28-13-3Each of the eight stages of fire in the match recalls the actions of a medal of honor recipient with portions of each citation read to the competitors as the explanation of the course of fire.

LTC Muggio: “The Army is about tradition, it’s about duty, it’s about honor, and it’s about country. And all of those things are wrapped up in the stages that you see here, today. No greater effort has been put forward for this country than the effort that was put forward by our Congressional Medal of Honor winners. And we want to pay tribute to them. We think it is important that we let the competitors know a little bit about the people who are defending this country.”

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