Steel Challenge Stages of Fire


Pendulum - The targets are two twelve inch and two-ten inch diameter round plates set at 18 yards. The 12 inch stop plate is at ten yards. 


Smoke and Hope - The stage is made up of four 18 by 24 inch rectangle targets, two at seven yards, and two at nine yards.  The 12 inch round stop plate is at 14 yards. 


Five to Go - Four ten inch round plates staggered away from the shooter, out to eighteen yards. The 12 inch stop plate is on the shooters right at seven yards.


Showdown - Two 18 by 24 inch rectangles, and two-ten inch round plates, with the 12 inch stop plate at 12 yards. There are two shooting boxes, three strings must be fired from one and two from the other. 


Outer Limits – The one stage where four strings of fire are shot, and the best three are kept for score.  Shooters move between two shooting boxes during each string. The 18 by 24 inch rectangles are at 35 yards, and the stop plate is at 18 yards.


Round About - The stage is all 12 inch round targets, the two in the back are at 15 yards, the stop plate is at 10 yards. 


Speed Option - The array is four 12 inch round plates, and one 18 by 24 inch rectangle at 35 yards.  This is the only stage that uses a rectangle as the stop plate.


Accelerator - This stage is a mix of three target sizes, set out to 20 yards, with the stop plate at 15 yards. 



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