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Shooting USA - The Smith & Wesson Pro Am Match
31-16-1Shooting USA is in Frostproof, Florida, to cover the Pro Am pistol match. It’s action pistol shooting created with television in mind. The targets are all steel and all fall when hit. Target count is the score in tight time limits. It’s excitement for the shooters, the spectators and for the cameras, and especially for the Pro Shooters competing for cash awards on each stage of fire.


31-16-2The universal appeal of this shooting format is that it is simple to score. Each stage has a predetermined time limit, or Par Time, within which all shooting must occur. The number of targets down within that time limit is your score.  Shots that come after the second buzzer are overtime and deduct from the target count.



31-16-3There are two matches shot on the same 8 courses of fire, the Limited match, welcoming all iron sighted guns. And the Open match, allowing highly modified guns, compensators, and red dot optics.

One unique element - a ten round capacity limit per magazine for both divisions, to increase the reloading requirement on the 20 to 30 target stages.  Open Division Par Times are two or three seconds shorter than for the Limited Division.

31-16-4There are two designations for shooters, either as Pros, competing  against other top shooters for cash skins on each stage. Or as Ams, short for Amateur, running against the other Ams and divided by USPSA classification, with a great prize table as the incentive.



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History’s Guns - The Historic Fowling Pieces from Westley Richards

31-16-6They don’t make them like they used to. Today’s guns are now most often plastic and aluminum, not the fine walnut and hand crafted actions from 150 years ago.  That quality is the draw for collectors who find the fine guns from the past to be their passion. In this case, the fowling pieces from Westley Richards that are now History’s Guns, including the oldest Westley Richards known to exist.


Pro Tip –Julie Golob on Starting as a new USPSA Shooter

31-16-7Every shooting sport has unique challenges and rules that all competitors must understand to be successful, well as one of the most decorated lady champions in USPSA, Julie Golob is with us to give you the basics, to get you started on the right foot in your first USPSA match.




Hunting Tips – Wade Bourne on the Passing Shot

HuntTip 2ALook there. Came flying in and I caught it. I didn't have to think about lead, or angle, or anything. I saw it and my internal computer told me where to put my hand to catch this target.  It's the same way with shooting a flushing shot. When that bird gets up, forget about lead and let your instinct take over. This is called the Churchill Shooting Method. It’s one all upland bird hunters need to learn. The flushing shot is one of the most encountered in upland bird hunting. lf you hunt for quail, pheasant, chucker, woodcock or any bird that flushes; you need to make that going away shot, and the Churchill instinctive method is the way to do it.

HuntTip 7Churchill Method. Instinctive  Shooting. Internal Computer. Anytime you're in the field walking along, maybe following dogs, you may know when a bird's going to get up, or one may get up unexpectedly. All you have to do is make a fluid motion with your shotgun.  Just move your hand and the gun toward the bird. You have to have a shotgun that fits. You have to get your cheek into the stock, and from that point on you just focus on the bird. Follow it and wherever you go, wherever you look, that shotgun is going to track you. That's the internal computer part. And then just blot him out.

I call it poke and shoot. Poke the gun at the bird, pull the trigger, and he's going to fall.

HuntTip 8One more point. Come to the range ahead of the hunting season and get some practice in. Don't wait until the day before opening season, before you go to the range. Be consistent with it. If you need some help get a certified instructor to give you some pointers.

The main thing is get used to your shotgun, get used to seeing what it looks like, And remember instinct, instinct, instinct. Let that internal computer take over. Let it guide you. And with a little practice you'll be dropping those birds consistently.




Colors for the Range

All choices have some internal structure to maintain the shape and are adjustable.  

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