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Historic Rifles are on the firing line. It’s the Vintage Sniper Match in Talladega for collectors competing with classic rifles and historically accurate scopes from the World Wars. Plus, John welcomes a new rifle shooter as his amateur partner for to the Bushnell GAP Grind Precision Rifle Challenge. And, the Remington Rolling Block is one of History’s Guns.

CMP’s Vintage Sniper Match

36-04-1The Springfield 03A4 Sniper Rifle from WW 2 is now a valuable collectible. That’s why can now buy an authentic reproduction. But until recently there hasn’t been a match for collectors to test their skill and the sniper rifles of the world in competition. The Civilian Marksmanship Program now hosts the Vintage Sniper Match for military rifles in service up to 1953. It is a team event, for shooter and spotter, at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.


36-04-3“It’s a match that brings a different type of competitor out. It brings a nostalgic competitor out. You’ll see World War Two time-period rifles, sniper type rifles that were used during World War Two, Korean War era,” says CMP’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Johnson. “The optics are either original optics or current reproduction of old optics.”


36-04-2Two-person teams shoot a total of 40 shots for score at 300 and 600 yards, 20 at each distance, shooting for the X-ring., and the match is timed. The shooter has only 20 seconds to take each shot. That’s 20 seconds for the spotter to read the conditions, and for the shooter to pull the trigger. The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Sergeants Daniel Crody and Robert Shoup are taking on the challenge of the Vintage Sniper Match with an 03A4 reproduction topped with an M73 optic.


36-04-4“For me it holds a little bit of sentimental value,” says Crody. “I did have two grandfathers in World War Two. It is definitely a pleasure holding a piece of history...  and to be able to see and feel what these guys had as far as tools to operate with.”




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History’s Guns: Rolling Block

36-04-6Remington has been building firearms for 200 years, but one stands out as a world-wide success that would keep the company solvent after the Civil War. The Remington Rolling Block was carried by 40 armies, from Europe, to Asia, to South America carried it in battle for half a century.



36-04-5“The Remington Rolling Block is one of the most important firearms, if not the most important firearm, in Remington’s history. At the end of the Civil War, Remington had no place to go and when they brought out this Rolling Block, they were able to sell these things all over the world and it kept the company afloat,” says Firearms Historian Garry James. “This is the gun that introduced a lot of nations to the concept of the self-contained cartridge.”


Bushnell GAP Grind

36-04-7Precision rifle competition is arguably the most intimidating of the shooting sports for the new shooter, because of expensive gear, thousand-yard shots, and challenging shooting positions. That’s why Bushnell and GA Precision host the GAP Grind. The competition is a Pro-Am format; with new shooters partnering with an experienced shooter for the two-day event. It’s a format aimed at expanding the sport, with the goal of the new shooter returning the following year to introduce a new shooter to the sport. 300 shooters, paired up in teams, are challenged by 25 stages of fire at the K&M Shooting Complex in Finger, Tennessee.

36-04-8On the first day of the Bushnell GAP Grind, teams are scored together.¬ On the second day teams still work together but are scored as individuals. Competitors must shoot in uncomfortable shooting positions, such as in a vehicle or off of rocks. Plus, targets vary in size, shape and distance. One of the biggest challenges is the 500 Yard Mover. This year John Scoutten teamed up with new shooter Jen Hodson. After two days of shooting and building the confidence to make difficult shots, it appears the format of the Pro-Am is working.

“I will definitely be back!” says Jen.

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Armageddon Gear Bucket-o-Gear

36-04-10Armageddon Gear is out with a new kit to get you started in Precision Rifle Series competition. It’s called the Bucket-o-Gear and includes a data armband, rifle sling, and a magazine pouch.  The Bucket-o-Gear also includes the Fat Bag and sand-filled rear bag, which are two essential shooting aids used in PRS competition. Finally, the kit comes with the Armageddon Gear Beer Bivy, either for a bottle or can to keep your refreshments cold after a long day on the range. The Bucket-o-Gear costs around $230 with plenty of options to choose from.

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PDC Custom Gen 4 Chassis

36-04-12John Scoutten debuted his new Gen 4 Chassis from PDC Custom at the Bushnell GAP Grind Competition. It’s built from 6061 aluminum and finished in Coyote Tan. It has a side-folding buttstock with adjustable cheek piece and adjustable length of pull. It also has an adjustable thumb-rest and removable barricade stop, which is convenient and versatile during PRS Competitions.  The Gen 4 Chassis starts at $675.

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BLACKHAWK! Omnivore Holster

36-04-11The Omnivore Holster is the latest retention holster from BLACKHAWK! and it’s true to its name.   The Omnivore will “eat” any firearm with an under barrel rail, which is where users will mount a small device that comes with the package. That device is the known as the RAD or Rail Attachment Device, and it’s the key to retain the firearm in the holster. A thumb break releases the firearm - not the Serpa-style finger release. The Omnivore Holster will accept more than 150 different pistols, with two designs that will accept rail mounted lights and lasers.

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Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Going to the Range

36-04-13When it’s time to go to the range, it’s best to have a plan, and to take a few precautions before heading out. Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob knows that all too well. She’s a champion shooter, a hunter, a veteran, an author, a shooting sports ambassador, and a full-time mom! She also knows how to plan the most productive range day, to make the most out of your time shooting.




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