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Race Guns, Carry Guns with red dots, and PCC, Pistol Caliber Carbines.  They’re all now divisions in the USPSA Optics Nationals. John and Tony report the action and provide some of their own in the USPSA’s newest competition. Plus, Royal Range, the first five-star range in the country, built from an abandoned movie theater. And Todd Jarrett shows us home defense with a rifle.

USPSA Optics Nationals

36-08-1As the development of new guns and sights continues to evolve, the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) continues to welcome new shooters and new guns into competition. The newest division is Pistol Caliber Carbine, also referred to as PCC. The Optics Nationals in Florida is the first National Championship to welcome PCC competitors, and competitors in two other divisions that require optics: Carry Optics Division and the Open Division. The overwhelming response in participation is a winning combination for USPSA and the industry.


36-08-3“We’re pulling people in from other shooting sports that had either never shot USPSA, or had left USPSA for three-gun or Precision Rifle Series competition. They’re coming back, people like my friend Taran Butler who’s shooting his first USPSA Nationals in a very long time. We’re seeing a lot of crossover,” says USPSA President Mike Foley.



36-08-7Competitors are also appreciating the few restrictions in the PCC Division rules. They can mount red dot optics and lasers to their carbines, plus have extended magazines because there is no capacity limitation. The division is creating new fans and is opening the door to new challenges in stage designs. Since the Pistol Caliber Carbine is chambered in a pistol round, it does not damage steel targets, and the AR platform gives shooters the stability needed to shoot accurately at a greater distance. Some targets at the Optics Nationals are set as far out as 50 yards.

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NSSF’s First Five-Star Range: Royal Range in Nashville

36-08-8The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is promoting  a new Star Rating Program for indoor ranges. The NSSF awards ranges with a maximum of five stars for business practices and features to improve customer satisfaction and operations, such as having a variety of gun rentals, ranges that will handle that firepower, a fully functional classroom, even employees in uniform. Royal Range in Nashville has followed those new guidelines and it is the first to be awarded five stars, which was confirmed after an inspection from the NSSF’s Director of Shooting Range Services, Zach Snow.



“They put together an amazing facility, revamped an old movie theater into a new shooting range, which is really meeting the needs of the customer base there,” says Snow.




36-08-10Royal Range is the product of a devastating flood, which destroyed a Regal Movie Theater Complex in 2010. The building stood vacant for years before John Russell and his business partner took the opportunity to transform the multi-screen theater complex into Royal Range. Royal Range utilizes all of the building’s 40,000 square feet, using original theaters as individual ranges.


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Les Baer Black Baer in 9mm

36-08-15The gunsmiths at Les Baer Custom are known for their mastery of the 1911. When it comes to hand-fitting a 1911 for carry, the result is nothing short of functional artwork, like the Black Baer. It’s chambered in 9mm and built on the Comanche platform. The Black Baer sports front and rear night sights, a skeletonized speed trigger, deluxe hammer, extended left side combat safety, and checkered slide stop. The Black Baer ships with two nine-round single stack magazines, and all of the corners have been rounded to minimize snagging. There’s also an accuracy guarantee: three inches at 50 yards. The Les Baer Black Baer is just under $2,900.

Black Baer Link  


BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster

36-08-13The BLACKHAWK! Serpa retention holster is an excellent solution for carry on the belt. The reliable Serpa lock ensures you keep control of your pistol in any situation. The Sportster design with simulated Carbon Fiber comes with the belt plate and the paddle. Prices start at $35.

Serpa Holster Link


BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster

36-08-14The new TecGrip Holster from BLACKHAWK! allows for “clip-less” concealed carry, and comfort. It’s made of a sticky, grip-like material, which allows the holster to maintain position, whether it is inside of the waistband or inside of a pocket. Plus, it’s ambidextrous, and available in several different sizes to fit whatever firearm you carry. Expect to find the TecGrip at your local gun dealer for less than $30.  

TecGrip Link


Pro Tip: Todd Jarrett - Rifle for Home Defense

36-08-12There are a lot of Modern Sporting Rifles in private hands now, with many people relying on them for home defense. BLACKHAWK! Pro Shooter Todd Jarrett breaks down things to consider if that’s your case. And Todd shows us how to maximize your training time with your rifle at the range.




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