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Shooting USA - Bushnell Precision Rifle - The GAP Grind
It’s the match that’s growing the sport as the Pros help the Amateurs take on the challenges of Precision Rifle Shooting at the GAP Grind. Then the CMP Goes to the Desert for their Western Games. Plus, Savage introduces two new rifles chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor. And, Julie is using lasers to help diagnose and cure your handgun shooting mistakes.

Bushnell Gap Grind

37-1-1The key to growing the shooting sports is the new shooter. So how to get new shooters becomes the question. The best answer seems to be matches with a Pro Am format. Experienced shooters, paired with new shooters, to guide them through competition and hopefully keep them coming back. The Pro Am concept has seen great success in growing a sport that could be one of the most intimidating, precision rifle shooting. The match is the Bushnell GAP Grind at K and M Precision outside Jackson, TN.



It’s the largest precision rifle series match to date with over three hundred people participating. Half of them experienced shooters and the other half brand new to the sport.




37-1-4John Scoutten is paired with new shooter Kevin Nassery who says he thinks the biggest advantage is not necessarily the course of fire, or the targets, it's the spotting. “Pros don’t get any support to know where they hit or missed. They have to see everything themselves. I think that’s the biggest difference between the courses of fire".


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37-1-5Then John has his after action report on the match that includes his new gear, the GA Precision Tempest in 6 millimeter Creedmoor, topped with the Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR-two precision rifle scope, and running Hornady’s ELD Match 108 grain factory loads.




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CMP Western Games

37-1-6The Civilian Marksmanship Program was established by act of Congress in 1903, with the purpose of teaching marksmanship to citizens in case they were ever needed for the military. The CMP Matches at Camp Perry are well known, but the CMP also takes their competitions on the road each year.  

The Western Games at the Ben Avery Ranges north of Phoenix draws enthusiasts from Western states for competition with historic service rifles, and in the Sporter division that’s encouraged rimfire competition since 1998.



Mark Johnson Chief Operating Officer of the CMP says, "Our mission is to teach marksmanship and give the citizens of the United States the opportunity to learn marksmanship, with an emphasis on youth".



37-1-8The sales program funds all activities by the CMP. Surplus rifles and ammunition from the army and they sell those to promote the programs. The M1 Garand has been the bread and butter product over the years Mark Johnson calls it “the ’57 Chevy of firearms. If you like firearms, you have to have an M1 Garand.”  And the CMP still sells Garands direct to qualified civilians.

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New Savage Rifles

37-1-12John Scoutten has a couple of new rifle options for you for the long range game, both are from Savage and both are chambered in the increasingly popular six five Creedmoor.

The MSR 10 Long Range is the AR type autoloader priced at $2,200.


Savage MSR 10 Long Range

The Model 10 Stealth is the Short Action bolt gun priced at $1,200.

Savage Model Ten Stealth

Both are topped with the Bushnell Elite LRTS


Pro-Tip: Julie Golob - Benefits of Lasers

37-1-15Lasers are not only great tools for personal protection; they can also help you to learn to shoot better.  Julie shows us how to diagnose your shooting mistakes and make corrections.





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