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Shooting USA - Fort Benning Three Gun

The Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning hosts civilians for combat shooting with three guns. It’s the Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge that gets close to simulating combat in the field. Plus, the British Rifle by Enfield that’s got a German name. The Brunswick is one of History’s Guns. And Winter Range in the Desert brings the next generation into Cowboy Shooting

Fort Benning Three Gun

37-06-1There are now multi-gun matches around the country and many have different themes or challenges to attract competitors, but there’s no better theme than combat on an active military base. That’s the Fort Benning Three Gun.

Fort Benning Three Gun is the largest civilian participation multi-gun match held on an active Army installation, and this year over 250 of the best shooters in the country have come to Southern Georgia to take on the 12 unique courses of fire.

37-06-3LTC Jim Barrows, Commander in the Army Marksmanship Unit, says:  “This is an opportunity for us to showcase the incredible facilities we have here at fort Benning and, I think more importantly, for the competitors to go through these stages under the direction and supervision of soldiers from the Army Marksmanship Unit.”




Beyond the facilities, the USAMU members create some of the most challenging and entertaining stages of fire in all of three-gun competition.




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History’s Guns: The Brunswick

37-06-7It was a huge change in firearms.  200 years of flintlock ignition was over.  And the British were about to change their primary rifle to percussion cap ignition. It would be an Enfield, but it got a German name. The Brunswick is one of History’s Guns,



Winter Range

37-06-13Cowboy Action shooting’s biggest event is held each year at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex outside Phoenix where more than 750 shooters and an entire western cow town show up for a week of reliving the past. It’s the biggest Cowboy Action match in the world Winter Range.




37-06-10There’s been some concern that Cowboy Action Shooting may be dying off because the next generation doesn’t remember the movie cowboy heroes of the past. But while they may not know Gene and Roy, the youngsters do know fun when they try it, shooting the guns of the old west. In the world of Cowboy Action Shooting, the future seems promising with the next generation participating and enjoying the sport.

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