Thousand Yard Benchrest


Shooting USA - 1000 Yard Benchrest

It’s Thousand Yard Benchrest with unlimited guns you won’t believe. Plus, The NRA meets in Dallas with thousands of new members. And John Browning’s Colt Woodsman is one of History’s guns.

1000 Yard Benchrest


It’s the International Benchrest Shooters International Championships Whitehorse Range West Virginia. Relay one takes the firing line. It’s competition for light guns less than 17 pounds.





Shooting a thousand yards demands a very specific set of skills, not to mention a meticulous nature. Being off at the bench by one minute of angle means a miss at the target of at least a foot. Only one word defines this sport and that's “Precision”, according to John Potratz with Team Hornady.



If you get hooked by the challenge of benchrest, you’ll quite likely build your own rifle, and you’re definitely going to be loading your own cartridges with bullets you bought.  But if you’re a member of the Hornady Benchrest Team, you’ll be shooting bullets on the weekend you made Monday through Friday, on the job.


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History’s Guns: The Woodsman

37-8-9Today, there are a number of choices of 22 autoloaders, the ideal first gun, camp gun, utility gun. Ruger makes them, Smith makes them, but for most of the 20th century Colt had the most popular .22-design. That Colt was a John Browning design that today is one of History’s Guns, the Woodsman.



The NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas

37-8-1The NRA reports 650 thousand new members joined during the first months of this year. And a good many of those new members were part of the near-record crowd attending the Annual Meeting in Dallas. It would prove to be the most political Annual Meeting in memory, committed to the defense of the 2nd amendment. No surprise Wayne LaPierre would be leading the fight. And for the first time, both the Vice President and the President appeared to assure the members they had full support from Washington.

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37-8-6The exhibit hall is where the guns are, in some 800 manufacturer booths, displaying the newest products for 2018. And, it’s a chance to meet and greet a favorite gun manufacturer, professional Shooter, or television personality, for an autograph, a picture, or to ask a question or two.

But the big draw on the show floor was what’s new in the market:


NRA Show New Products:

S&W TC Long Range Rifle

Colt Combat Elite

Bushnell Forge Optics

Butler Creek Mag Loader

Savage Arms MSR-15

Bushnell  User Interface for the Internet


Product Segment


JP Enterprises GMR 15 Pistol Caliber Carbine

Bushnell AR Optics Chase Laser Sight

Bushnell Big D


Peltor Tactical 500 Sport Muffs

Peltor Sport SecureFit 400 Glasses, 3 Pack: Clear, Amber, Gray, Anti-Fog

Pro Tip: Shannon Kay on The Standing Barricade

37-8-23Shooting from a standing barricade position is a challenge many shooters will face in today’s precision rifle competitions. In this Pro-Tip K&M Chief Instructor Shannon Kay reviews the fundamentals to maximize your accuracy and dispel some common misconceptions.





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